21 qualities of a good parent: do you have them?

21 qualities of a good parent: do you have them?

Becoming a parent is one thing, having the qualities of a good parent is another thing entirely. Parenting is a thankless job that will often leave you stressed, anxious and even frustrated, but you can succeed in raising great children if you know the qualities that will make your job easier.

There are many joys of parenting, and one of them is in knowing that you may not be perfect but you did the best for your children.

qualities of a good parent

21 Qualities of a Good Parent: How to be the Best Parent Your Child Can Get

Having these qualities doesn’t make you a saint; it just means that you are giving your all towards becoming the best parent for your child.

So, here are the virtues you need to succeed at this parenting business:

1. Patience

You need loads of patience to get through the day. You children will try you and get on your last nerve, but try not to lose it too often. Children are great imitators of character, so you want to teach them to stay calm even when everything is going to shreds around them.

2. Kindness

Children can be mean, but they’ll benefit from having a kind parent who is ever ready to correct them as gently as possible.

3. Forgiveness

Raising children can feel like being stuck in the middle of a whirlwind. And children usually know what buttons to press to get you riled up. You will definitely get mad at them, but try not to stay mad for too long.

4. Generosity

Parenting is all about sharing, be it your resources, personal space, or emotions. Your little ones basically depend on you for everything. Being a generous parent is all about sacrificing for your children and teaching them the importance of giving.

5. Gentleness

Gentleness will come in handy when you need to discipline a child. Studies show that children react positively to gentle correction better than harsh punishment or corporal punishment.

6. Good Leadership Skills

As a parent, you are the leader of the pack. Children need structure, so they need to see you as a solid decision maker. Who knows? They might just learn a few leadership nuggets from you.

7. Good Communication Skills

Your children will benefit from having a parent who knows how to communicate. Whether you’re communicating your feelings or trying to enforce discipline and good morals, you’ll need to communicate clearly and effectively.

8. Honesty

Your children know when you are not telling the whole truth, and this can affect their opinion of you. Tell them the truth, always. Sometimes you may need to dilute the truth so that younger children can understand the story without having to deal with the details, but you should never lie to them outright. By being honest, you are inevitable teaching them the best policy in life—honesty.

9. Respect

Respect works both ways, so in order to get respect from your children, you have to respect them too. Ask them how they feel about certain family decisions. If they decide not to interact with certain people, respect their choices. By doing this, they too will learn to respect you!

10. Care

For parents, caring doesn’t end when the child grows up and leaves home. It continues even when the child has children of their own. Although the word parenting is synonymous with the word care, not all parents get it right. Care is an important quality in childcare.

11. Attention to Detail

There are dangers lurking everywhere, and great attention to detail will help you keep your babies safe. This quality will alert you when things aren’t going as they should.

12. Self-Awareness

Self-awareness will come in handy often, especially when you’re suffering from doubt. Self-awareness will help you when you’re questioning your parenting skills and when you’re wondering if you’re doing it right. The key thing is to remember that there is no such thing as the perfect parent.

13. Supportiveness

As a parent, you’re supposed to be a rock-solid support system for your children. If the kids see you as their pillar, chances are they’ll not be afraid to share their lives with you. Supportive parents raise kids who grow up to be emotionally stable.

qualities of a good parent

Be supportive and participate in their routine activities

14. A Sense of Humour

Parenthood is all about being able to laugh, whether at your mistakes or at the cheeky antics of your children. Humour is one of the qualities of a good parent because it is important to enjoy the joys of parenting.

15. Ability to Embrace Failures and Setbacks

Setbacks are inevitable. You have to be open to the fact that things will not always go as planned. You can navigate any hurdle by accepting it, learning from it, and ensuring that there’s no repeat.

16. Excellent Listening Skills

A good parent should aim at becoming a great listener. Great listeners hear both the things that are said and the things left unsaid. Your children will learn to open up to you if they know that you will listen to their problems and proffer solutions.

17. Leadership by Example

You are the first teacher your child will ever have, so you should strive to be a great example to them. Children often imitate what they see, and for this, you should act in an exemplary manner at all times.

18. Ability to Learn From Past Mistakes

As mentioned earlier, there are no perfect parents. That’s why learning from past blunders is one of the qualities of a good parent.

19. Openness to Learning New Things

You will never stop learning new things as long as you are alive. It is important to remain open and teachable. You can learn new stuff from your children or other people around you.

20. Creativity

Creativity is one of the qualities of a good parent. It is important to see the world as the child does, as this will create a tight bond between parent and child. Creativity will also come in handy whether you’re preparing meals, telling bedside stories or enforcing discipline.

21. Self-Love

This is, perhaps, the most important quality of a good parent. Set time aside and pamper yourself. Treat yourself to nice stuff and create a me-time away from your family. You can’t love anyone if you don’t learn to love yourself.

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Julie Adeboye