Regina Daniels Step Kids Are Too Cute! The Actress Shared Cute Photos On Social Media

Regina Daniels Step Kids Are Too Cute! The Actress Shared Cute Photos On Social Media

Internet sensation and teen actress Regina Daniels has recently taken to Instagram to share some really nice photos of herself with her step children.

Nollywood actress and internet sensation, Regina Daniels seems to have embraced the role of stepmother. This development comes right after her marriage to billionaire businessman and former member of the National Assembly. Since then, photos of Regina Daniels step kids have filtered online from time to time.  Just recently, Regina Daniels shared fresh photos of herself with two of her husband's children from another wife.

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News of the actress's love life with the billionaire emerged after she started showing off some expensive things she owns. According to reports, her husband spoiled her with choice cars very regularly. In a recent development, the actress herself shared adorable photos on Instagram with her stepchildren.

Check Out These Instagram Photos Of Regina Daniels Step Kids

The actress was busy doting on the beautiful children who seemed to be as smitten with her. The children are reportedly the kids of the billionaire's Moroccan wife.

Just recently, her billionaire husband received an honorary award. It came from the Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun (FUPRE) in Delta state. Regina Daniels step kids were also present at the event. The actress was seen doting on her step children at that event as well.

It seems that step parenting utterly agrees with our celebrity actress. This is no mean feat, and is quite laudable too. Many step parents struggle to successfully build their blended families. And many step kids have a hard time adjusting to and accepting their parents' new partners. It is a tough situation, that's why we're bringing you tips to help you get along with your step children. The trick is to first master the art of liking them. Because you cannot get along with a person whom you do not like. See the tips below:

How To Get Along With Your Stepchild


Let the Child Take The Lead

Make sure you respect your stepchild’s pace. It may take some time for them to want to get to know you. For some children, it might take months. Try not to take their reluctance personally. Patience is vital.

If the preceding relationship between their parents ended in divorce, recognize that the child needs time to grieve. This new relationship finally puts paid to any hope that their parents will reunite, and this can be a devastating realization for many children. Give them space and understanding.

Try a Solo Outing

Once you and your stepchild have known each other for a while, you can suggest an outing, just the two of you. This might be nerve-wracking, but it’s also a great way to bond.

Choose an activity where you aren’t forced to talk to each other the entire time. This can be something active like bowling, an arcade, or playing a sport. If that’s not your thing, try a movie or a play that you can talk about afterwards.

Support Their Interests

This is crucial. Some ways you can do this includes Offering to help them with their homework. Keep your feedback encouraging and constructive. You could also do what they enjoy doing. Whether it’s reading, sports, art or music — take an interest, and see if they’d like you to join in.

Borrow A Leaf From Regina Daniels Step kids: Plan with Your Partner

Do discuss what kind of relationship you’d like with your stepchildren with your partner. He or she needs to be able to feel comfortable enough to “step back” and allow your relationship with the children to form naturally.

Be Their Friend

It’s fine if you don’t love your stepchildren immediately — attachments need time to form, for you as much as for them. Just being friends for the time being is enough.

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