"Nor let your pikin get too close to de maid." De response of one mama from Singapore dey heart-warming!

"Nor let your pikin get too close to de maid." De response of one mama from Singapore dey heart-warming!

"My child has enough love to give anyone who loves her. And anyone who loves and cares for her is family..."

Dis na dilemma and concern wey plenty mama dey face. "Make I let my pikin get too close to de maid?","Baby dey too attach to de maid, wetin I go do", or even, "My pikin like my maid pass me!" Dese na dem questions and worries wey dey constantly spring up for our worried, insecure and possessive minds. But, good relationship between maid and pikin no be bab thing at all.

Singapore mama, Biddy Low, too receive much advice on top de issue when she born her daughter Talia.

Friends and wellwishers suggest sey make I nor let her get too close to de helper.

Some advice dey mild, dem suggest sey I suppose be de only one wey dey bath and cook for her. Some advice dey more extreme, dem tell me to teach my pikin to dey order de helper around so de baby go know sey she be heleper and no be part of de family.

Dem helpfully warn her sey, if she nor follow de advice, - my pikin go dey closer to de heleper pass as she go dey close to me, and even worse, call her mama instead of me."

Now wey her daughter don big reach, here na wetin de Singapore mama fit talk about de whole issue.

"Baby too attached to de maid, wetin I go do?" Read de answer of one mama from Singapore

"Baby too attached to de maid, wetin I go do?" Read de answer of one mama from Singapore

For her Facebook post, mama Biddy list down every little bit of advice wey she don receive about how to handle relationship between de maid and de pikin and she list down wetin she truly feel about dem now. Here na her response in full:

1. Your child suppose love only you and your family.

My child get enough love to share with anyone wey loves her. And anyone wey love and care for her na family.

2. What if she call de heleper mama?

Na baby she be. She dey call her papa "mama" and tink sey de wind dey alive. Nor be big deal for small pikin to use word anyhow.

I go take issue if she free herself from me and legally choose make someone else wey she consider more fit adopt her, but till dat one happen, I go survive dat kain identification errors.

3. De heleper nor be family and de child need to understand dat.

I think to dey teach very small pikin poisonous notions of class, racial and cultural divide for her home worse pass as she dey call her mama.

I dey grateful for de helep I fit get, and I express dat gratitude for action. As e be, I WANT make my baby regard my housekeeper as family because, during her stay, she be family.

4. Your child suppose only love her mama.

- I tink sey pikin go need more dan me to form full life. If anything, I go settle to dey de top 10 for her list.

De mama talk sey she nor wan give her love wey no one else fit give. Because she go leave dis world before de pikin. Wetin go happen after she don go?

She come still add sey wetin she wish for de pikin be sey she dey capable to give and receive love wey pass wetin im papa and mama fit give her. And continue to dey build from de legacy wey dem dey create together.

Shey her response nor dey beautiful and heart-warming so?

Dear mama, stop to dey worry sey your baby dey too attached to de maid. E dey show sey she dey take good care of your pikin! You dey lucky sey wen you don go, im go dey for good hands, and your child dey safe and loved wen you nor dey dere.

Be proud sey your little one fit dey able to forge strong relationships with dem plenty adults for im life, maybe na im parents, siblings, grandparents or de maid. E show sey im dey grow up to be loving, sociable child!

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Written by

Tony S Abiodun