Proven Tips Relationship Mentors Use To Restore Marriages Today

Proven Tips Relationship Mentors Use To Restore Marriages Today

Marriage mentoring is important for couples who are struggling, as well as couples that just need to jump-start their journey.

Relationship mentors are relatively happy, more experienced couples. They purposefully invest in other couples to effectively navigate a journey that they have already taken. It is a broad term because there is no one right way to mentor people.

In every culture throughout history, mentoring has been the main channel to pass on knowledge and skills. In the past, mentoring happened in the university where students learned directly from the scholar. It took place in the studio where the artist poured himself into his protégés.

Why do artisan trades have apprenticeships and professions require internships? Because personal attention from experienced practitioners helps learners master essential skills, techniques, attitudes, and knowledge.

5 Reasons You Should Have Relationship Mentors

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Here are the 5 reasons why we think you should have relationship mentors:

1. They help keep your relationship on track. Just spending time with them will remind you how wonderful life can be when you have a loving partner by your side.

2. They will not allow you to sweat the small stuff.  Try complaining about your spouse to a long-standing couple who are genuinely happy.

3. They will put a mirror in your face.  Rarely, is a spouse ALWAYS at fault. It does take two to tango.

4. They give a positive perspective on relationships, in a world headed in the opposite direction. For instance, the marriage relationship has taken a beating lately.  ”Happily married” has become an oxymoron.  Relationship mentors help you see your relationship through the eyes of time and love.

5. They are living proof that real love can and should last a lifetime.  This constant reminder will help you ward off any negative thoughts and encourage you to keep fighting for the relationship you most desire.  It will help you to design your happily ever after.

Some Benefits That Relationship Mentors Offer

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You have a sounding board

This is especially important for people who are external processors. You don’t know what you really think until you get all your possible thoughts outside yourself. To have someone listening to you as you process what is happening in your relationship; gives you the freedom to explore what you really think and feel without fear of being judged. Your relationship mentors can be safe places for you to express yourself and have them reflect back to you what you’re saying. It is in listening to this reflection that you can sort everything out and judge for yourself what you’re really desiring and needing to do in your marriage.

You have someone who is not just for you, but also for your relationship.

Sit with the idea that your relationship is a third “person.” It has needs that are independent of your needs and your partner’s needs. One of those needs is to have people who are looking out for you, not only as individuals, but also looking out for your union.

You have access to wisdom you don't have yet.

Chances are you aren’t filled with all the wisdom you could ever have regarding your union. There's also the probability that you are bringing in some lies and baggage from your own upbringing, and that might heavily contradict the wisdom you need. It is glorious to have at least one couple in your life that can help identify the lies that you need to toss; the baggage which you need to surrender (and find healing from); and give you the wisdom that will keep you on the right track to pursuing a healthy relationship.

The Three Proven Steps That Relationship Mentors Use To Help You

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MEDIATE - Relationship mentors teach you to create 'peace' using mediation as a technique. This way, you're ready to handle any issue anytime, because you know the goal is peace.

TEACH - They will teach you time-tested truths that are relevant to any issues your relationship might be facing. Mentors don't have to be bible scholars; just use their mentor guide to identify how to navigate a relationship curve.

CONFRONT - Confronting core issues can be the most important part of mentoring. Unless we get to the 'heart', we won't see change. Mentors help you look within your heart to come to full repentance and forgiveness; this often yields real healing in relationships.

These three steps are sure to rejuvenate any ailing relationships and make them vibrant again.


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