Check Out These DIY Remedies For Stubborn Dark Knuckles

Check Out These DIY Remedies For Stubborn Dark Knuckles
remedies for dark knuckles
Check out these DIY remedies for stubborn dark knuckles

Dark knuckles can be an eyesore and quite hard to get rid of. Are you tired of it? Well, take a look at our DIY remedies for dark knuckles.

A common misconception is that dark knuckles are caused by dirt accumulation which is simply not true. Therefore, scrubbing them vigorously will not solve the problem and could actually make the problem worse by causing further damage to the skin, The increased friction is traumatic to the skin and it will either get thicker, get darker, or both.

Dark knuckles are caused by extremely dry skin. From excessive washing to exposure to hot water, harsh chemicals (e.g., household cleaners), and exposure to sunlight without protection all lead to skin dryness. Dark knuckles can also be caused by some skin diseases: such as eczema, psoriasis. Obesity has been known to be a contributing factor to dark knuckles because, among its many problems, being over-weight is harsh on the skin.


remedies for dark knuckles
Moisturising and wearing SPF helps prevent sun damage to your knuckles and ensures that they do not become dry and damaged

      What to do

  • Be caring to your skin
  • Moisturising is key-
  • Sun protection-

DIY home remedies

Here are some effective home remedies that you can use on your dark knuckles

  • Sugar and lemon exfoliating scrub
  • The almond-curd treatment
  • Lemon and honey combo
remedies for dark knuckles
Lemon and sugar scrubs are a great way to gradually lighten dark skin as long as you are consistent

The key to getting rid of darkness in the skin is to be consistent with your skincare routine. Many women choose to go down the easy route and bleach their skin instead, but and although bleaching your skin may take care of the darkness temporarily, remember you may not like to use so many chemicals to camouflage this dark flaw.

Trust us and go down the natural route and try out home methods to treat dark knuckles once and for all.


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