5 Responsibilities Of A Great Mother

5 Responsibilities Of A Great Mother

As a mum, what is your role? How can you make sure that you are nurturing your child to become an individual you are proud of? This guide will help you.

Being a mother is not easy by any means. Though parenting is a team effort, the role of mother is burdened by unsolicited societal advice that places undue pressure solely on the mother. She is told to do this and that so that the child can turn out a certain way. Everybody seems to know the responsibilities of a mother.


However, nurturing a child into a good and independent adult can go many ways. It's a lot of work that might not turn out exactly the way you expect. You are present, implementing future-oriented activities and way of thinking, pushing the child and helping through various life transitions. But still, the child may choose a different path entirely.


Does this mean as a mother you should be nonchalant? No. But understand that you're not in control of everything and go easy on yourself if things turn out bad.


5 Important Responsibilities Of A Mother


Read on to understand the responsibilities of a mother.

Responsibilities of a mother


  • Pursue your own happiness


You cannot give what you do not have. It's as simple as that. Motherhood is not slavery. There are sacrifices, but you don't have to completely lose yourself. Before the child arrived what did you use to do for fun? What life goals did you have? Don't stop now, keep doing them pursuit going. A happy mum raises a happy child.


  • Emotional support

5 Responsibilities Of A Great Mother

The closer bond between a mother and child manifests in many different ways. One way in which it constantly manifests is when a child needs emotional support. They instinctively turn to their mother for guidance and support. Therefore, as a mother, it is your responsibility to be a pillar of support when they do turn to you.


  • Teaching them morals


Kids come into the world as a blank slate. It is the job of the parents, particularly the mother, help them build a moral compass. You want to bring up decent and compassionate human beings, the job starts very early. And the most effective way to do this is to model the kind person you want your kids to be.


  • Respect their boundaries


Sometimes, it can be difficult for a mother to learn to see her kids as the babies they used to be. It is not rare to hear a mother in Nigeria telling her kids that they can never outgrow her. It is a way to remind them that they will always be her babies. With a mindset like that it is easy to cross boundaries. You have to be sensitive to your children's needs. If they need space, give them some space.


  • Be firm


Because of the affection you have for your kids, it can be very hard to turn their requests down. Kids are adorable and they can charm you without too much effort. But when they make requests that are irresponsible or act in an unethical way, you should try a firm hand.


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Written by

Lydia Ume