These Mums Share Ridiculous Remarks They Heard While Pregnant

These Mums Share Ridiculous Remarks They Heard While Pregnant

People are generally kind to pregnant women. It's not uncommon to have people give up their seats on the bus just so the pregnant woman can rest her tired legs. Sometimes, on the ATM queue or in the banking hall, pregnant women are regularly allowed to jump the queue. It doesn't matter how tough it is or harsh the people are. Pregnant women and elderly folks are mostly always shown kindness from strangers. Some people don't though. They don't care or they are not tactful, but they dole it out from time to time. These mums have shared with us some of the ridiculous remarks they received while they were pregnant. Feel free to be outraged for them.

Check Out Some Ridiculous Remarks Some Mums Received While Pregnant

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"One day at work, my colleague asked me if we didn't have a TV at home. I got pregnant again 5 months after I had my first son. He felt if there was a TV I could watch at home, we wouldn't spend so much time in the sack. My only reaction was to choke on my drink. I sort of expected that people would talk so I took it in stride." Kemi O. Public Servant, Facebook.

"I was at the bank one day, when this man looked pointedly at me and said, "congratulations, madam" rather loudly. Immediately I wondered what for. Because I was only about twelve weeks pregnant and barely showing. When I asked what for, he exclaimed "for the baby of course!" I promptly became the centre of everyone's attention. I mumbled my thanks and turned away in disgust. Until that moment, I had never seen that man in my entire life." Binta U. Creative Artist, Lagos.

"A few people called me 'arugbo' when I was pregnant. I wonder why, because 'arugbo' is Yoruba for "elderly person'. One day, I asked one of them why, because I wanted to understand it. She told me women generally  look older when they're pregnant.  Olufunke O. Banker, WhatsApp.

Even More Ridiculous Talk

These Mums Share Ridiculous Remarks They Heard While Pregnant

Sometimes the ridiculous remarks are just people fishing for information about you, like when they go, "when is your delivery date?" "Do you still eat for 2?" "Your tummy is huge, are you sure you're not having twins?" Other times, the remarks are thinly-veiled insults, or superstitious theories. People are quick to do a prediction of your baby's sex, so they tell you you're having a boy when things are a little tough for you, money-wise.

They also tell you that it's a girl when you're very unattractive and pimply faced in pregnancy. They'll tell you she's taken all your beauty too.

The worst are those strangers who know what's best for you better than your doctor who has your medical history by the way.

"I was driving by a shop and decided to buy a bottle of water because I was thirsty. The old lady at the shop took one look at my bump and told me sternly that she wasn't selling me any cold drink. She instead gave me a bottle of water and sent me on my way." Opeyemi A. Realtor. Facebook

Finally, over-protective family members are the last ones on this table. Like the mom who calls her pregnant daughter every evening, to make sure she's home before 6pm. Because "pregnant women shouldn't stay out beyond 6pm."

How To Handle It

These Mums Share Ridiculous Remarks They Heard While Pregnant

Let's borrow the words of Michele Obama here. When they go low with their unsavory remarks, you beautiful preggy mama can go all the way high up. Leave them gaping at you from ground level. The important things are to eat healthy, take good care of your bump and ride out the weeks to delivery in style. While you're at it, don't forget to rock that pregnancy glow!

What's the craziest thing that anyone's ever said to you while you were pregnant? Share with us in the comments.

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