Nigerians React To Rihanna Singing Along To Burna Boy's Song

Nigerians React To Rihanna Singing Along To Burna Boy's Song

Rihanna is apparently, a huge fan of Burna Boy

Burna Boy is something of a controversial figure among musicians in Nigeria. Also, he undoubtedly has the talent to go with that controversy. But from a fan's perspective, his rise to stardom wasn't instant. Some would say he was always good from the onset but was just underappreciated. Well, if that is the case, now he is being appreciated. 

Burna boy

Recently, Nigerians have suggested that he is unravelling too fast after his behaviour during a show and his unmeasured reply to MI, a fellow musician, during the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa. At the show, he called out a fan in the front row for keeping a face that is “not encouraging.” He refunded the fan his money and had his guards escort him out of the venue. However, he apologized and called the fan back into the show.

The next time he was the subject of an attack from Nigerians was when he proudly proclaimed himself the African giant. Nigerians were having none of it. But this time it appears Burna Boy is in the limelight solely for his art. And his Nigerian fans are liking every bit it. 

Rihanna, the multiple awards-winning star, was seen in a live video on her Instagram page bumping to Burna Boy's Ye. In the video, a super excited Rihanna can be seen urging the guard to play Burna Boy, and to play it at “Black people volume.” As usual, Burna Boy fans have gone into a frenzy on Twitter. 





Rihanna jamming to Burna boy's song. Afrobeat to the world mehn!


Peng Man 


Watch Rihanna get into an argument with her Security Guard over Burna Boy’s song “YE” 

Burna Boy is a Legend! 

P.S. Black People Volume = Playing music so loud it causes a nuisance and turns into a private party 

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Which soap Burna dey use bath this days...! 

One love to @rihanna for reppin one of Naija's finest! 

...and @burnaboy...keep blazing, blood!


Doctor Love 



Rihanna jamming up to Burnaboy..... I foresee a fire collaboration from them 




Rihanna made sure her Security guard played Burna Boy’s Ye, and she was singing along to it

A Rihanna x Burna Boy collab is needed at this point 




Rihanna flexing hard to Burna Boy’s Ye. She’s still learning the lyrics tho. A whole Queen. You love to see it. 

We'd have to wait and see if this translates into a collaboration with Rihanna. 

How Nigerians react to Rihanna singing along to Burna boy's song is not surprising. Burna Boy a.k.a the African Giant has represented us well in recent times. In a time, when Nigeria has been facing a lot of backlash from the world. We are excited to see our own blossom and represent us so proudly.

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Lydia Ume