Shocking: Russian Mum Kills Son-in-Law Over Money He Owed Her Daughter

Shocking: Russian Mum Kills Son-in-Law Over Money He Owed Her Daughter

How far would you go for your daughter? This Russian woman killed her son-in-law over a debt he owed her daughter.

Taking the law into your own hands is never a bright idea. When does the interference of a parent in a marriage become too much? In a twisted turn of events, Russian mum kills her son in law over money he owed her daughter.

According to Punch Nigeria, a 49 year-old Russian woman has stabbed Dmitry Bogdanov to death. The 32 year-old was her ex son-in-law, and he reportedly owed her daughter after their divorce. Police said after stabbing him 27 times and he collapsed in her home in Novgorod, Russia, the suspect also cut off Bogdanov’ testicles and threw them out of her open flat window.

Woman kills son in law and chops off his testicles

Source: East2West News

They were in the middle of sharing a drink with Bogdanov alongside the suspect’s partner when an argument broke out. She attacked Bogdanov and her partner joined in the attack. Russian police said the woman accused Bogdanov of refusing to pay the money and help her daughter and their child.

According to the police, it was the daughter who had called the police to report the crime. Her mother had called her after killing Bogdanov. The couple initially denied murdering Bogdanov but later confessed to the crime.


Should Parents Interfere In Issues That Involve Their Adult Children?

russian mum kills son in law over money owed daughter

Source: East2West News.

Some moments are so swift that before you think to get a hold of yourself, what’s done is already done. But think about this. Before you let yourself be consumed by rage as a parent, ask yourself what that would solve.

The need to find justice for your children is noble. Even impulsive at times. You want to protect their interests and keep them from being taken advantage of. But can’t resort to killing or harming at the slightest provocation.

There are a lot of ways to handle transgressors. You can calmly choose to take things up with the authorities. And if you’re among those who can’t go through bureaucratic procedures, you can go to traditional authorities. Traditional authorities in Nigeria include the kings, the village heads, the pastors and the imams. Or anybody who is officially placed above your transgressor.

The aforementioned ways are all better options, but here’s something else you could do. You can trust and let your children handle things on their own. Especially when they have asked that you leave them to it.

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