Scent Leave Fit Cause Miscarriage

Scent Leave Fit Cause Miscarriage

Africans get dis strong belief for anything wen dey herbal, but one of de most important question wen pipu dey ask na weda scent leave fit cause miscarriage or not. Herbal leaf generally dey get medicinal benefit.

 Wetin Be Scent Leave Sef: Scent leave fit cause miscarriage?

Scent Leave Fit Cause Miscarriage

Nigeria na one of d countries wen sabi d use of herbs all ova d world. E get one particular leaf wen dem dey call Scent leaf. Different parts of Nigeria get d name wen dem dey cal dis leaf. D Yoruba pipu call am Efirin, d Igbo pipu call am nchanwu, while d hausa pipu dey call am daidoya. We fit no sabi d name wen science take call am, but na “Ocimum Gratissimum” e be. E get plenti thing wen dem dey use scent leave take do. We wan sabi weda woman wen get belle fit use dis scent leave.

Scent leave fit cause miscarriage?

Some pipi get d impression sey Scent leaf fit cause miscarriage for woman wen get belle.

Na true sey e get plenti work wen scent leave dey do for bodi. Some pipu talk sey dem chop am and nothin do dia pikin inside belle, oda pipu talk sey dem chop am and e worri dia pikin for belle.

How you fit use scent leave wen you get belle

If yu don dey wonda weda scent leave fit cause miscarriage or not, make sure sey yu use am moderately if yu need am at all. If yu still dey early stage for yur pregnancy, no use am because d risk fit dey too high.


No eat am raw or squeeze am drink d juice.

Use am as spice inside yur food.

Nutritional benefit 

Dis leave na house dem dey grow am normally. For dis part of Africa, dem dey use am as spice wen dem dey take season food. E get dis fine aroma wen yu no fit get from anoda leave. E get calcium, phophurus, iron, potassium, carbon and vitamin A . Dis  scent leave dey rich for plant chemicals.  Oil from dis leave get  antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal activities.

Scent Leave Fit Cause Miscarriage

Shey E dey advisable make you eat scent leave wen yu get belle

Wen woman get belle, yur head go nearly wan burst becos evri bodi get one opinion or d oda about wetin yu fit eat or not for yur condition.

Pipu wen do research talk sey e dey veri important make yu add things like bitter leave, scent leave and oda betta plants inside yur diet.

Dem talk sey yu need Vitamins for yur bodi and na from fruits and vegetables yu go fit get am.

Scent leave get antifungal and antibacterial properties to help yu fight infections wen get fungi and bacteria.

E get plenti questions wen pipu don dey ask on top scent leave matta. Question like weda dem fit use scent leave take cure fertility wahala, weda scent leave fit help conception, weda scent leave even fit cause miscarriage. Scent leave dey highly beneficial for both man and woman.


Wen persin get belle, e fit use scent leave as treatment for :

Malaria and fever


Blood sugar


Heart Burn

Scent Leave Fit Cause Miscarriage

Wetin scent leave dey do for bodi?

Scent leave get plenti things wen e dey do for pregnant woman bodi:

E dey relieve stomach discomfort for women wen get belle.

Immune system dey boost

Facilitate breastmilk production

Dey treat gastroenteritis

Lower Blood Sugar

Scent leaf and female fertility

Scent leave dey very rich in anetol and boron compounds.  E get d capability to induce hormone estrogen.

E get am for Eugenol compound wen fit kill dat fungus wen dey cause vaginal discharge.

Dis scent leave wen we dey look so, even get stigmasterol substances wen dey make egg inside ovary mature.

Scent leave and menopause

D good thing about dis leave be sey, e get one substance wen fit delay menopause. Dem call dat substance Tryptophan.

Dis substance don make scent leave one of d ogbonge herbs wen yu fit use for fertility if yu don pass 40 years. If yu dey find herbs wen wan help yu boost yur fertility make yu for fit born all d pikin wen yu want, den make yu try natural fertility herbs.



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