The best and most popular schools in Lekki

The best and most popular schools in Lekki

Want to enroll your child in schools in Lekki and its environs? Here are some of the best schools in Lekki for children of all ages.

Why enroll your child in schools in Lekki?

Lekki is one of the most popular places in Lagos state. It is situated on the Lagos Island. Lekki is close to places like Ikoyi and Victoria Island. So, if you live on the island and want your kids to get qualitative education, schools in Lekki will make excellent training centers for your child.

Primary schools in Lekki

1. Delphi International School

Delphi international school is the perfect nursery/primary school for parents who want to give their kids the best education possible. Their British/Nigerian curriculum is tailored to give your child a quantitative learning experience.

At Delphi, learning doesn’t end in the classroom. There are foreign language classes, martial arts lessons for kids interested in karate and Kung Fu, as well as many other interesting extracurricular activities. To provide a more inclusive education, there’s a school for children with special needs.

2. New Hall International School

The vision and mission of New Hall International School are to offer quantitative education to children and groom them to thrive in a rapidly changing world. The school hopes to achieve this vision by steering the kids in both ways, both inside and outside the classroom. Students get the training needed for total, all-round development.

The school has a well-equipped ICT centre, fully air-conditioned classrooms, projectors, and 24-hour solar-powered electricity.

3. Meadow Hall School

Sitting at the heart of the Lagos Island, Meadow hall schools is one of the best schools in Lekki for primary education.

Their vision is to raise Godly children who will become leaders of tomorrow. Their British/Nigerian curriculum will help your child exceed their potential. Meadow Hall places a lot of importance on balancing cognitive and non-cognitive learning. That’s why they have assembled world-class educational tools to help them reach this goal.

Extra-curricular activities include field trips to interesting places, sports clubs, and music and drama groups.

4. Standard Bearers School

Standard Bearers School provides a warm learning environment for your children. They offer a personalized learning experience and work hard to ensure that no child is left behind. This non-denominational school employs teachers who are enthusiastic about their job of teaching your children.

Standard Bearers School’s mission is to guide children and help them unlock their God-given potentials.

Since education happens outside the classroom as much as it does inside, the school offers educational extra-curricular activities and clubs for your children. Your children can enroll in drama club, take lessons is sports like football and basketball, and also learn to play musical instruments.

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5. Sureville Montessori School

Sureville Montessori is one of the top schools in Lekki. This institution offers a child-centred teaching and learning experience. Sureville focuses on developing the set of skills that will help your child reach their full potential.

They carry every child along, working hard to ensure that each child gets the motivation they need to develop at their own pace.

Children in Sureville participate in debates and essay writing competitions. They also take music and drama classes. Club activities include ballet, swimming and taekwondo.

6. Pinefield Schools

Pinefield Schools seeks to nurture children, motivating them to reach their full potential. At Pinefield, formal education goes hand in hand with training in good manners, survival, the fear of God, having an open mind.

The teachers are well-trained and passionate about raising a new generation of future leaders. Children learn both in and out of the classroom.
There are award ceremonies and prize-giving days to motivate your children to work harder.

There are also exciting educational clubs like scrabble club, arts and crafts club, and a Lego education club.

7. Rosemore House International School

RHIS gets a mention on this list of the top schools in Lekki because this school promotes excellence in education. Their Nigerian/British curriculum prepares children to take on the world as leaders of tomorrow.

The class sizes are small enough to give each child a one-on-one interaction with the teachers.

Rosemore is the perfect school for parents who are interested in creativity, high performance and growth. Rosemore International Schools has a gymnastics club, a Lego club, and a music and drama club.

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Julie Adeboye