Video: 3-Year-Old Puts Classmate in a Headlock After He 'Proposed' To Her

Video: 3-Year-Old Puts Classmate in a Headlock After He 'Proposed' To Her

Her victim, Jack, had asked her to marry him and as a result, she decided to put him in a headlock. She is a self defense pro.

Women, if you aren’t putting men in a headlock as soon as they propose, you are doing it wrong. Learn self defence from Kynlee McFetridge; she knows how it works. The 3-year-old girl recently got in the public eye for doing just that. Goes to show you that girl power has no age.

The toddler from St. Charles, Missouri put her fellow preschooler, Jack, in a tight headlock because he had asked her to marry him. Not looking for any commitment whatsoever, she decided to take him down.

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Self-defence Kynlee Is An International Celebrity!

Her mom, Kristen McFetridge recorded the toddler’s explanation where she hilariously said, “Because kids don’t get married so that’s why I put a headlock down on him.”

Her father, Scott McFetridge, said he was amused. He first learned about his daughter’s wrestling move after he picked her up from school. He saw “she was on pink.” The school uses colours to show the parents how their child behaved through the colour code behaviour chart. Pink is obviously not a colour any parent wants to see.

But the teacher was laughing as she recounted Kynlee’s headlock situation. Because, well, where does a 3-year-old learn to do that? The dad confessed that he actually started wrestling with Kynlee when she was younger; as a way to help her gain coordination and strength. Kynlee was born with a serious heart condition. She had open-heart surgery when she was only 5-months-old.

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She got her moves from her father

He said: “It’s not like I taught her a headlock, I was just trying to get her stronger and coordinated. And I guess she figured out what I was doing; I didn’t really realize she learned it.” Describing his daughter as a “firecracker”, he says that Kynlee is wise beyond her years. And despite putting Jack in a headlock, they are still really good friends.

McFetridge joked that she hopes his kid remembers the headlock move as a teenager; to fight off any unwanted boys.

It's hard to see how anyone would attack the adorable Kynlee. Self-defence is an invaluable skill for young girls today. Do your daughters know any self-defence tips? Here are a few tips to help you begin awareness.

Tips For Teaching Your Girls Self Defense

Video: 3-Year-Old Puts Classmate in a Headlock After He 'Proposed' To Her

  • Stop paying attention to the phone and start paying attention to your surroundings.
  • Stare down is a problem, always make eye contact.
  • Be loud and assertive in the face of a threat
  • Bend both legs and dropdown. Dropping your weight and center of gravity makes you heavier and harder for anyone to carry you away.
  • Fight back. The most effective spots to strike are eyes, throat, and yes, groin.

If you teach your kid to aim for those 3 spots, she will deter the attacker long enough to get away and get help.

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