Catch a glimpse of Serena Williams as a mom

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Tennis ace Serena Williams married Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian in a fairytale wedding. The couple welcomed their daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. in 2017. Serena has been very open about her motherhood struggles and, of course, the joys of raising a child. The world has watched the superstar and her little girl stealing all the spotlights. You are probably used to seeing her dominate the tennis scene, but what is Serena Williams as a mom like?

serena williams as a mom
1. Serena Williams as a mom is resilient

She may have had a relatively breezy pregnancy, but the birth itself was hard for the athlete. When she went into labour, the baby’s heart rate was so low that doctors had to carry out an emergency C-section. The surgery went well and she had her baby in her arms soon after.

The next day, she went to her doctors to complain about not feeling well and insisted on some scans and tests, even when the nurses argued that everything was okay. They thought it was just the pain medication making her feel the way she did.

She stood her ground and got the CT scan, which revealed blood clots in her lungs.

serena williams as a mom

2. She is a survivor

Serena Williams as a mom is someone who has gone through it all in the labour room. Her childbirth woes didn’t end with the blood clot. The pulmonary embolism led to intense coughing spells, which caused her C-section scars to pop open. She had to have fillers inserted into her body to prevent the clots from travelling up to her lungs again.

Even with all her medical issues, she went home a week later and resumed caring for her baby. According to her Interview with Vogue, she absolutely loves changing diapers and caring for her baby.

Catch a glimpse of Serena Williams as a mom

3. When it comes to motherhood, the superstar is like every other mom

Everyone would expect that the great Serena Williams as a mom would be winning off the court too. The truth is, she has admitted to feelings of helplessness, anger at her baby, overwhelming love for the same baby, and a rollercoaster of other emotions.

Serena Williams as a mom recognises the fact that she can’t do it all alone. Her mom Oracene Price is always on hand to help her out with childcare.

serena williams as a mom
4. Serena Williams as a mom is an inspiration to her daughter

Serena Williams as a mom is a woman who strives to be the kind of person her daughter can look up to. In the infamous incident when she questioned an umpire for a call she deemed questionable, she smashed her racket. She went on to remind the umpire that she has a daughter, for whom she would love to be a good example.

5. She’s still out there fighting

The star readily admits that her body is not the same after the birth of her daughter, but she is still out there absolutely ‘killing it’ on and off the court.

serena williams as a mom

6. Serena Williams as a mom is hands-on

She often jokes that she will go everywhere with her daughter until the child turns 18. She has been photographed with baby Alexis even during tournaments, meaning she might just go through with her plan of going everywhere with her baby girl.

Catch a glimpse of Serena Williams as a mom

7. She is not one to offer unsolicited parenting advice

In a recent interview, Serena Williams was asked about the kind of advice she would give to her good friend Meghan Markle. She declined to give motherhood tips to the Duchess of Sussex. It shows that the athlete understands that most people will have to figure things out for themselves.

After becoming a mom at 36, Serena Williams is approaching motherhood the way she does everything else—with determination. Serena Williams as a mom is awesome.

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