Who Does Serena Williams Turn To For Parenting Advice?

Who Does Serena Williams Turn To For Parenting Advice?

Serena Williams gets the best parenting advice from one place in particular and she considers it the most reliable source of parenting wisdom. Read more:

In the world of tennis, there’s no denying that Serena Williams is the cream of the cream. But when it comes to the parenting world, even she admits that she still has a lot to learn. That’s why she goes to one person in particular for all of the best parenting advice she can get. And yes, it’s the most reliable source in her life.

Serena Williams welcomed her daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian with her husband Alexis Ohanian back in September of 2017. Ever since she became a mom, Serena says that it’s been total bliss. But with that said, she’s still learning the ropes. That’s why when the going gets tough, she goes to the one person who has always been in her corner: her mother.


Oracene Price, Serena's Mother Is Her Most Prized Parenting Resource

Serena has always praised her mother Oracene Price for the strength and sense of self that she has, both on and off the court. It’s what helped her keep going when she had to face her critics. The celebrity mom says that she has the utmost respect for her own mom, simply because she had to do so much on her own. She had three children with her first husband Yusef Rasheed but had to raise them alone when he died.

When Oracene and her second husband Richard Williams realized that both Serena and her sister Venus had a talent for tennis, she learned about the game herself to help her daughters. She took formal instructions and became adept enough to coach the girls at the beginning of their careers.

Serena credits her mother for teaching her to be resilient. She even describes her as one of the most unbreakable people in the world. She also says that her mother’s high expectations have helped prepare her and her sisters to have confidence and determination. Both are undoubtedly needed to succeed both professionally and in their personal lives.

Who Does Serena Williams Turn To For Parenting Advice? Serena's Mom and Daughter Alexis

With the help of her family and the support of her mom and of course her husband Alexis Ohanian, Serena Williams strives to be the best mom that she can be for Alexis. Their daughter is not only adorable, but apparently very strong-willed just like her mum. It looks like some things just run in the family!

This is not strange to the African woman. In several cultures, once a woman has a new baby, her mother is on hand to care for her and the newborn. Sometimes for as long as three months. In some cases, she arrives before the baby is born, to help her daughter prepare. She brings with her, decades of experience and an unlimited amount of love. Everything a new mom absolutely needs.

Even after she has left, she remains only a phone call away, to answer questions ranging from diaper rash to nursing techniques. Like Serena, there's a wealth of support, encouragement and advice you can receive from your mum. Especially when you have little or no experience with babies. Or with life as well. Here's a list of some things you can learn from your mum, and her mom too.

Some Life Lessons From Your Mom To You

Who Does Serena Williams Turn To For Parenting Advice?

  1. To have respect.
  2. That family is everything.
  3. No one is promised a rose garden. If you want one, plant your own.
  4. To always be able to stand on my own two feet.
  5. Always be kind to all – or at least always try.
  6. That everyone isn’t your friend.
  7. Do the best you can. Just try.
  8. Work for what you want and always help others who are less fortunate.
  9. Not to do what she did.
  10. Not to fear anything or worry about something.
  11. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.
  12. Be grateful.
  13. When to hold your tongue.
  14. To have compassion and save money.
  15. Never judge anyone.
  16. To love your family and be polite and positive.
  17. How to love your children unconditionally.
  18. To be humble, loving and to speak out for those without a voice.
  19. Respect everyone, especially yourself.

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