Sex addiction symptoms to watch out for

Sex addiction symptoms to watch out for

There is a thin line between a healthy sex drive and a harmful addiction to sex. People often mistake one for the other, and that’s why many people overlook sex addiction symptoms. But hypersexual behavior isn’t just an obsession with sex; it is symptomatic of a more serious condition. According to experts, sex addiction is a disorder that unfolds as a result of underlying problems.

sex addiction symptoms

Sex addiction can affect a person’s work-life balance

Experts are yet to determine the real cause of sex addiction. However, this condition can affect work-life balance, social behavior and mental health.

Common sex addiction symptoms

• Obsession with sexual intercourse
• Uncontrollable cybersex and prostitution
• Risky performances of randy sex
• Uncontrollable masturbation
• Consistent consumption of pornographic materials
• Love for exhibitionism
• Paraphilia
• Inability to suppress sexual impulses

Five effective ways to treat sex addiction

As is the case with other addiction, treating hypersexuality can be difficult, especially if the addict is in denial. It takes a while to convince an addict to seek help. Sex addicts can rationalize their actions rather than make the effort to seek help.

Sex addiction is treatable, and no one should be ashamed to see an expert. It is not right to wait until the sex addiction symptomsbegin to ravage every aspect of a person’s life and wreck their relationships.

In the same vein, untreated sex addiction can be devastating. People who suffer from sex addiction are at greater risk of losing their families, their jobs and other important social relationships. Treatment options are often affordable and accessible. With a bit of open-mindedness and a good treatment plan, anyone can gain freedom from sex addiction.

Things to do when trying to treat addiction to sex

1. Self-help organisations

A good number of self-help groups have been established to help sex addicts. Some of these groups include Sexual Compulsion Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous and so on. They might go by a different title in your area, but they exist. With a bit of research, you can find the best support group for you.

If you don’t like the idea of physically meeting with other members of the group, you can also seek help from online groups as well.
Whatever your preference, ensure that you stick to the rules and guidelines of these programmes. Following the stipulated guidelines will increase your chances of self-managing this destructive condition.

2. Cognitive behavioural therapy

Also known as CBT, this psycho-social intervention has been used in the promotion of mental health since the beginning of the twentieth century. This treatment option offers different techniques that are geared towards the management of sex addiction symptomsand the promotion of behavioral change.

It is most effective in serious cases of addiction as the techniques empower individuals to resist the urge to relapse into risky sexual acts.

sex addiction symptoms

If you notice sex addiction symptoms, then you should treatment

3. Prescription drugs

Prescription medications are effective in the treatment of sex addiction.
Libido-reduction medicine, Prozac, is often prescribed for people struggling with sex addiction symptoms.

If Prozac isn’t approved for the treatment of hypersexuality in your country, you can consider other treatment options.

4. Residential treatment programmes

This treatment option exists to assist people who are struggling with different kinds of addictions.

They are designed as in-patient programs. Addicts temporarily move into a rehabilitation center. The idea is to receive round-the-clock support, care and supervision from specialized therapists.

Residential treatment programs often record high success cure rates. If the addict can afford the fees, they need to check into the rehabilitation centers immediately.

5. A strong support system

Nothing compares to the love and support of friends and relatives. A strong support system is often recommended alongside all the other treatment options.
Addicts are twice more likely to recover if their family and friends are there to cheer them on.

Recovering from an addiction is difficult; no one can do it alone.
Sadly, sex addicts are less likely to get support and sympathy when compared to alcoholics or gambling addicts. There is a huge stigma attached to this condition. In fact, sexual addiction is regarded as intolerable and unpardonable, particularly in scenarios where the condition has caused betrayal or ruined trusted relationships

Hypersexuality manifests itself as a series of sex addiction symptoms. It is possible to treat this disorder through prescription medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, residential treatment programs and self-help groups. As is the case with other addictive disorders, a solid support system reduces the risk of going back to destructive sexual behaviors.


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