Sex In Old Age: My Husband And I Still ‘Do The Do’ But In A Way That Is Suitable For Our Age – Joke Silva

Sex In Old Age: My Husband And I Still ‘Do The Do’ But In A Way That Is Suitable For Our Age – Joke Silva

Expand your definition of sex. Intercourse is only one way to have a fulfilling sex life.

Nollywoood actress, Joke Silva, don talk for publik say she and her man, Olu Jacobs still dey sex each other in old age o, but di way wey dem dey take do am dey ok for dem age.

She dey on top Television Continental's morning show, 'Your View', on Friday, for wia she dey talk about serious mata wey dey happen for our society, plus how her life be as woman wey don marry.

The pesin wey dey host the programme com ask Silva, if she and her husband still dey knack, na im Joke com reply: “Yes o, we still dey do the do, but di way we do am dey ok for our age.”

sex in old age

Silva, who don get ogbonge salute as Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR), wey be one of Nigeria’s National honours in 2014, also talk say when she dey university e get one professor for university wey wan make she show am yarnsh, even as im get wife and two pikin.

“Dis issue of sexual harassment no get anytin to do wit how pesin dey wear clothe o. I no wan go university because I just wan do my acting thing and my parents give me chance.

“I don already get two pikin before I go university, but professor still com harass me,” she follow talk.

She com tok say the kontri bin need more factory insted of to dey build church and mosque upandan everi day.

58-year-old Joke Silva and her bobo Olu Jacobs, 68, join demself for marriage in 1989 and dem get pikin.

Sex in old age: Knacking Wey Sweet After 50

sex old age

How sex dey hungry pesin dey change as pesin dey grow throughout life. People dey make mistake say old people no suppose to dey sabi sex. But some still dey stay well well even as dem don old. No be only sex, but una suppose to dey close make una dey connected. If you wan take know weda una go still dey knack if una don old, make una look as una dey when you dey young.

If you dey knack well well when you dey in ya 30s, e be like say you go still dey do am when you reach 6o pass sef. As time dey go sef, e go dey likely say na wetin dey make una stick togeda go dey more important dan wetin dey draw una. You go dey even look say the thing wey dey make the relationship sweet na how una dey care for each other, how una dey take dey committed instead of how una dey do for bedroom.

Make you no com forget say as pesin dey old, drugs wey you dey take fit no make you perform like before. But e no mean say you no go fit enjoy as to dey knack o, you go just need some skills to planning, as per body no be di same again.

You go dey exercise

To knack na work o. You fit sweat well well as you dey do am, so you go need make sure say your body dey fit enough. Exercise na im go helep you. E go:

  • Make ya muscles strong, make you no go hurt  ya sef.
  • E go improve ya mood, as e go release some kemicals for ya brain way go make you relaz.
  • E go come make you fine pass, you sef go com dey feel more konfident.

For women dem, if you dey exercise wellu well, e go fit help you wit arousal, make ya bodi dey hot for oga.

You also fit to dey try Kegel exercises. Make e make some muscles for ya waist side stronger. If you don begin to dey piss, as you dey piss, try stop the piss make e no comot again, you go see say na dose mussles dey work.

Try oda tinz

Sex In Old Age: My Husband And I Still ‘Do The Do’ But In A Way That Is Suitable For Our Age – Joke Silva

Wen you don dey wit pesin since 19gorodom, e go good if una go fit see as una go take add some spice to how una dey take knack.

E fit be say una go change di time wey una wan knack. Maybe na morning time as per say, u go don too tire for night.

Oda tinz wey una fit sample:

  • Make una try diffrent position
  • You go plan your moves wel, com make everi where dey romantic.
  • No be everi time pesin go dey use bedroom if im wan knack, find anoda space for house.
  • Make una enta batheroom togeda com baf togeda.
  • You fit even call those people wey dey do massage, make dem com give una massage make una dey relazed.

If una no fit knack

Plenti oda ways dey make una enjoy una selves, no be only to knack.

Una fit to dey kees, and dey touch.

  • Dey giv each oda massage
  • Make una dey practis oral sex
  • Una fit use sex toys to play

How you go take manage sex in old age

Disease like arthritis or pain fit make the sex no sweet laik dat, so you go need find oda ways so dat you go fit feel beta. You fit try new position wey go dey easier for ya bodi. You fit use pillows to hold ya sef.

If you get back pain you fit try style wey no go put load for ya back. Una fit lie beside una sef dey knack. You go even fit baff warm water, com take pain medicine join so you go dey relazed. 

Some medicins wey fit cause katakata for knacking

Some medicins fit dey cause wahala for oga and madame wey wan knack. If na so e be, you go need follow ya dokita tok.

  • antidepressants
  • antihistamines
  • blood pressure medicines
  • cholesterol-lowering drugs
  • ulcer medication

Sex in old age: Take am easy after surgery or sickness

Before una meet unasef again, give ya bodi time to dey kampe well well. If your dokita don give you green lite, you fit start with smal smal touch and kiss.

Open ya mind folow your partner tok. Tell am as bodi dey do you and wetin dey ya mind.

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