Popular Prophetess Says Sex With The Lights Off Is Not Good

Popular Prophetess Says Sex With The Lights Off Is Not Good

The debate of the perfect setting for sex might seem trivial but is an important conversation. Sexual compatibility is one of the key things in a relationship and marriage. So no surprises that when Evangelist Patience Akpabio posted on Instagram that sex with the lights off should stop, it generated a buzz.

Though Patience Akpabio's opinion is not new, her reason was not to improve intimacy but from a spiritual standpoint. Here's what she wrote:

No more having sex in the dark with your husband. This is 2020, turn the lights on. Children produced in darkness have a different view of the world than those produce in light. Let us light up our world in the bedroom so we can have transparency and positive energy in this world."


prophetess patience akpabio

So, Is having sex with the lights off wrong?

The question of whether to leave the lights on or off comes down to a case of personal preference. The same thing applies to the general ambience of the room, including the choice of music, whether to leave the fan on or not, and other choices and compromises a couple makes when it comes to sex.

For some people, leaving the lights on means they can see their partner. This way they can enjoy the intimacy that comes with looking at their partner in the eyes, the facial expressions and all. Among others, intimacy during sex stands as the main reason why most people want the lights on.

sex with the lights off

Others go with the lights off because the lights may just be too bright. Some people in this category might prefer a dimly lit room. Also, some like the lights off and the room completely dark because they consider it more intimate and free. The darkness serves as a kind of cloak under which intimacy can be achieved without restraint or reserve.

Sex with the lights off: Reactions

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As expected, there were varying reactions to her post. While some like Augustus Effiong believed that her words were an instruction from God, others believed that she just wanted to be controversial.  Here are some comments:

Augustine Effiong:

"Dimensions, depths, instructions embedded in one. Deep one ma & I celebrate it."

Obong-anwan: "

"The disadvantage of having sex in the dark is that you don't see what you are doing or what is being put inside you. What if she turns to a snake? What if he turns to a crocodile? You should see what you are doing for safety."

Pidgin baby:

"Mad people everywhere using the church and the gospel of Jesus to cover-up"

Despite these reactions, it boils down to you and your partner's needs at the end of the day. People's sexual preferences might be related to personal issues, but with proper communication between you and your partner, you can work it out.

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Source: Instagram, Healthline

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