Shey Teething Dey Cause Feva For Pikin? See How Yu Fit Know

Shey Teething Dey Cause Feva For Pikin? See How Yu Fit Know

We've also included tips to help calm down your baby, too.

Weda teething dey cause feva for pikin na thought wen everi mama dey get. Once yur pikin don reach four to seven months, yu go start to notice some kind changes for dia bodi. 
Dem fit dey irritable pass before, drool plenti, and no go wan chop. All dese na sign sey yur pikin dey teeth.
Howeva, one of d sign of teething wen dey cause serious concern na wen teething dey cause feva. Some of d question wen yu fit get be: Shey teething dey cause feva, abi na anoda thing wen serious pass? How I wan take know wetin e be? Wen make I start to worri? We dey hia to ansa yur question. But first….

How I go know weda my pikin dey teeth abi he no dey teeth?

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No be all pikin dey develop for d same time, and each pikin fit show different sign sey he dey commot teeth. Some fit no show sign, while odas go dey fussy. E get some general sign wen fit mean sey yur pikin dey teeth, like:

  • He go dey drip spit plenti
  • Dey more irritable pass before or go dey picky
  • Wail and cry plenti
  • If dem begin bite dia teething ring or anything wen dey solid and no wan release am

If yu notice any of dese sign, na im be sey him first teeth don dey grow. All dese symptoms go worse wen dem dey between dia sixth and sixteenth months.

How I fit tell weda teething dey cause feva, or if he just dey sick?


D ansa dey simple: E depend on how d feva take serious reach. If d temperature just high small, e fit be because of teeth, while feva wen dey ova  38 degrees mean sey yur pikin dey sick.

But why feva and teething dey follow each oda for pikin? A study from d Journal Paediatrics(Doktor wen dey treat pikin) find out sey dis research get many things wen no dey consistent. Some study talk sey feva na sign sey pikin dey teeth, odas no see anything.

Interestingly, e get link wen dey join if pikin commot plenti teeth with feva. Researchers dey talk sey d stress wen teething dey cause for pikin bodi fit make him immune system weak, and so sickness and feva go fit enta him bodi.

Still, for inside wetin dem conclude, d authors talk sey e dey normal if yur pikin get small temperature wen he dey teeth-but dat one no be feva. E dey dangerous make yu believe sey na onli teething fit cause feva becos yu fit come ova look disease wen serious.

E fit even dey confusing for parents dem as some of d signs wen teething get. Like evri thing just dey vex am, no get appetite to chop, and no fit sleep — fit be sey yur pikin don carri sickness too.

E no dey easi to know wen yu first look, but dese symptoms go tell yu wetin yu go look for:

  • Him nose block or dey run
  • Dey sneeze
  • Get cough
  • Watery or liquid stools
  • Vomit
  • Get rashes for skin
teething causes fever

Teething dey cause feva, but d body temperature go just high small. Rashes na serious sign for different kind serious disease, so make yu go see doktor if yur pikin dey show any skin reaction. | Image Source: Stock Photo

Dese na signs wen dey point to sickness like cold or belle infection. If yu dey worri sey na something wen dey serious, make yu go see yur paediatrician make he look yur pikin.

Wetin I fit do to calm my pikin down?

So yu don go see paediatrician and he don conclude sey yur pikin no dey sick. Na just sey he dey grow teeth(and d teeth dey cause feva). How yu fit take relieve yur pikin wen he dey dis state?

Make yu see short, handi guide wen fit help una, mamas and papas!

Make yu put pressure for him gum, by…
  • Washing yur hands make yu use am take rub him gums.
  • Allow yur pikin make he bite rubber teething ring wen dey cold(make e no dey chilled or frozen) for fridge
  • Use washcloth wen dey moist (cool am for fridge small) if e be like sey yu no get teething ring.


  • Allow d teething ring make e dey too cold. Na true sey cold thing dey help soothe yur pikin- but no be if e dey too cold. In fact, if yu freeze teething ring:
    • e fit wound yur pikin gum
    • go make d ring burst and den d content go leak. 
  • Massage yur pikin gum with gel or give am teething tablet. Dat na because:
    • dey don’t always soothe the baby.
    • some product fit bin get belladonna (toxic plant) or benzocaine (chemical wen dey help numb gum). D two fit damage yur pikin. To add to am, Food and Drug Administration for  US talk sey e  possible make dese two ingredients reduce d level of oxygen wen dey d blood.
  • Give yur pikin ibuprofen unless he don reach six months old or paediatrician talk so. Dis medicine fit help reduce d pain for teething, but na veri strong medicine wen fit get side effects wen yu no go like. Some cases dey where pikin dey allergic to ibuprofen. Instead, yu fit give yur pikin paracetamol for babies, but if yu no dey sure and yu dey worried, abeg go ask doktor first. 

Shey Teething Dey Cause Feva For Pikin? See How Yu Fit Know

Wen I fit go see doktor?

As we don talk before, if yur pikin dey cranky, e fit be sey he dey sick or dey teeth. Some signs wen clear dey, wen yu go know sey make yu carry yur pikin go see doktor. Make yu go see doktor if yur pikin:

  • Neva reach 3 months and he get feva wen be 38ºC.
  • Old pass 3 months and him temperature dey read 39ºC.
  • Still dey feverish afta one day.
  • dey get watery stool, vomit or get rashes.
  • appear like sey he dey drowsy or sick.
  • no dey calm down no matta how yu  try reach.

D fact sey yur pikin dey grow him first set of teeth (wen teething dey cause feva) fit dey veri annoying for both yu and yur pikin. No forget sey teething na just part of development- e no go last foreva.

*Disclaimer: If yu see sey pikin wen dey unda three months get any kind temperature, abeg go see doktor.

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