6 signs of an incredible father

6 signs of an incredible father

How can you be the best father for your kids?

As the saying goes, "Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a daddy." Being a father means you are the family’s pillar of strength, support and discipline. What are the signs of a good father? And how can you be one?

Like being a mum, your role as a dad may require endless effort, but it surely is rewarding to see your child grow into an adult. Here is a list on how to be tagged as the greatest dad in the world by your kids!


6 Signs of a Good Father

1. Prioritises Family over Work

Responsibly providing for your family’s needs is one of the key tasks a good dad takes seriously. However, work may eat up much of your precious time which can be spent with your kids and your wife.

As a dad, you can surely be a hard worker and the best at what you do, but remember that family is always first.

Tip: Work efficiently and try to limit bringing work home so you get to focus fully on your loved ones when you are with them.

2. Engages in His Child’s Studies and Activities

How was school today?

How’s your friend, Yvonne?

Do you want to play ball with me?

It takes five seconds for you to ask one of the questions above, yet the impact can be huge. Simply ask these questions to let your child know that you are interested in his schooling, friends and hobbies. Help with their assignments or projects as much as you can.

Tip: Make asking your little ones about their day a bedtime ritual.

3. Spends Quality Time with Family

Teach him how to ride a bike. Play tea time with her Barbies. Watch endless clips of We Bare Bears and Sophia the First with your child. Being cool to your child’s buddies and interested in all of his activities are sure signs of a good father.

If you let her paint your nails and dress up in a unicorn onesie, you are definitely rockin' your daddy duties!

Tip: Remember that you can always make money but not priceless memories.


4. Teaches Good Values

From appreciating food on the table to opening doors for the ladies, a good father will do his best to instill values in his learning child. Patience, persistence and respect are some of the values that you can teach your child at a very young age through your own actions.

Lead by example.

Remember to consistently enforce discipline in a loving manner so your child understands what is right from wrong too!

Tip: Avoid using cuss words if you want them to use positive language. Openly say "I love you," "Thank you," "I am sorry," and "Please."

signs of a good father

5. Shows Love and Respect Towards Mum

Do you help with baby night duties? Do you kiss your wife good morning? Are you always ready to do house chores?

If you answered “yes” to the questions above, you sure are one amazing dad! Parenting can be challenging and may drain both your energy and your wife’s energy, yet despite everything, guarantee that you make time for each other.

Tip: Why not give wifey “Me time" or a day off? She would surely enjoy a few hours of relaxation or a trip to the salon!

signs of a good father

6. Does the Sweet Little Things because They Count the Most!

Give the biggest and warmest hugs and kisses to your kids especially while they still fit in your arms. Time is fast and they grow too quickly, so spend a lot of quality time with them.

Be silly. Tell good jokes. Read bed time stories. Do chores together. Take them to the beach! There are a lot of ways to turn simple moments into a special and unforgettable memory. Make each moment count!

Awesome dads surely make the world a better place! You can get different jobs outside, but you will be the only best dad for your child so do your utmost to excel at it. Above are some of the signs of a good father that you can check and apply.

signs of a good father

Cheers to all the Super Dads in the world!


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