Different Signs Of Puberty In Boys And Girls.

Different Signs Of Puberty In Boys And Girls.

Puberty is a stage when children transition to adulthood. Check out signs of puberty in both boys and girls that show they are growing.

While growing up, our bodies experience a number of changes that can be both exciting and frightening. These changes occur during a time called puberty. There are varying signs of puberty in boys and girls. Having an idea of the different changes that can occur in your body will make you more prepared when it occurs. Whether you are a parent reading this or a teenager with questions, these are signs of puberty to watch out for in your body.

What is puberty?

Puberty is a stage in life when a child physically transitions to become an adult. During this transition, your body goes through a lot of changes that might be overwhelming. It does not only affect your physical body. In addition, your emotions become intense and stronger. The age for puberty is between 8 and 14. Also, girls usually start experiencing puberty before boys do.

One thing to keep in mind is that puberty does not happen all at once. As you advance in age, different signs will show up. Also, because body mechanisms differ, different people will experience theirs at different stages.

Furthermore, puberty is a natural occurrence in life. Although it might make children anxious and excited, when they know what to expect it is easier for them to be in control. As a parent, you should endeavour to speak with them during this time. Your words and guidance will be a source of comfort at this stage of their lives.

Signs of puberty in boys and girls

Puberty in boys and girls

There are signs of puberty that are common in boys and girls. That is, they both experience these same changes in their bodies. They include:

  • Acne:

During puberty, you would start to experience acne, also known as pimples on your face or body. This is because your body is producing a lot of hormones at this point.

  • Armpit hair

Boys and girls will start to notice hairs growing in their armpit.

  • Pubic hair

There will be hair growing in genitals for boys and girls

  • Sweat more

They start to secrete more sweat during puberty. Girls might also experience discharge. It is important that they take their bath regularly, at least twice a day. They should also use quality deodorants. It is very easy for them to develop body odour at this stage.

  • Body hair

Besides the pubic and armpit hair, they would also start to notice more hair on their legs and arms.

  • Pain in your muscles

This is attributed to the growth spurts in the body. Children become taller and their muscles stretch during this time

Signs of puberty in girls

Signs of puberty in girls

For girls, they experience these puberty signs:

  • Breasts increase in size.

Girls will notice their breasts start to bud. It would start to grow bigger. Keep in mind that this happens at different stages for different girls, don’t feel pressured if it doesn’t happen to you at the same time as your friends. Sometimes, parents accuse their children of being sexually active as the reason or larger breasts. This isn’t so; it is a natural occurrence at this stage of their lives.

  • Sensitive nipples

Your nipples become very sensitive. In fact, if you are accidentally hit at this time on your chest, you could experience an amount of pain.

  • Your body becomes fuller

Girls will notice their body become curvier and fuller.

  • Menstruation

During puberty, girls will experience the first signs of their period.

Signs of puberty in boys

signs of puberty in boys

For boys, they will experience these signs:

·         Hoarse voice:

Their voice becomes deeper and sometimes sound like it is cracking.

·         Increase in size of genitals

Their penis and testicles grow bigger

·         Hair growth on their face and chest

They would start to grow hairs on their face and chest

·         Broader chest

Their chest expands during this time

·         Extended nipples

Their breast might become more rounded but it does not stay. In 3-4 months it stops.

Does puberty only affect boys and girls physically?

oes Puberty only affect them physically?

Puberty does not only affect boys and girls physically. Their emotions are very complex at this point. They experience mood swings and depression. If not managed properly, this is usually the onset of eating disorders, low self-esteem and over-consciousness of their physical appearance. This is also the time they start to experience sexual attraction and stimulation.

It is important that they have people they can trust around them. In addition, there should be someone they feel comfortable talking to about the changes they experience.

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