10 Best Social Distancing Sex Positions To Try With Your Partner

10 Best Social Distancing Sex Positions To Try With Your Partner

Use these hot sex and positions to spice up your time in self-isolation.

Who wants to talk about social distancing sex positions at this very serious time? Everybody! Because no matter what’s going on, we’re all still very human; blood in our veins and hormones in our bodies.

With all the talk about condoms becoming scarce, and social media anticipating a baby boom in nine months; it’s safe to say that many people will have lots of sex during the lockdown period. Should you be having sex during the coronavirus lockdown? Experts say yes, as long as all the precautions are taken, and you share a home with your partner.

Because travelling for sex at this time kind of defeats the purpose of social distancing; something we all must practice to curb the spread of the virus. If you’re single, experts also say you’re your best sexual partner, using masturbation and sex toys. Speaking of sex toys, you’re encouraged to keep them clean using soap and water.

All the other directives follow: wash your hands, practice social distancing, and the rest of them. Have a look at our suggestions for social distancing sex positions below!

10 Social Distancing Sex Positions You’ll Enjoy During Self-Isolation

Now the reason why social distancing is in the same sentence as sex is that it has to be as safe as possible considering the circumstances. So we have curated 10 thrilling sex positions that have little to zero use for your hands.

Our hands are literally everywhere, and the quickest way for the virus to spread is when you touch a surface that has the virus on it. That’s why doctors insist on constant washing of hands. And if you could have sex without using your hands so much, you would be doing even more to keep yourself and your partner safe. But this doesn’t in any way downplay the importance of washing your hands. See the sex positions below:

The Spider
social distancing sex positions

Source: AlwaysBeRoyal.com

The Spider requires stronger arms in both of you. The man leans back on his hands and sits, while the woman faces him and sits, also leaning on her hands to easily control her movements.

The Sphinx

social distancing sex positions

Source: AlwaysBeRoyal.com

In this pose, the woman lays on her belly in the Sphinx pose, with one of her knees bent. The man lays on top of her body and supports himself with his hands.

The Magic Mountain

social distancing sex positions

Do you have a bunch of pillows? Stack them to form a “mountain.” The woman has to bend over them so that her torso lays on the pillows. The man kneels behind her and puts his hands around hers.

Afternoon Delight


Afternoon Delight requires both of you to lay down: the man on his side and the woman turned to him at a right angle.

The Clip

sex pose

The position number 35 is perfect when the man wants to relax. He lays on his back, while the woman sits on top of him, supporting her with her hands leaning back.

The Candle

social distancing sexual positions

The woman lays down with her head on the pillow, her knees bent towards her head. The man kneels, his legs spread, facing her and supports his body with his arms.

The Crossed Keys

10 Best Social Distancing Sex Positions To Try With Your Partner

In The Crossed Keys, the woman lays on the edge of the table with her legs up and crossed. The man faces her and holds her legs while standing up.

The Slip

10 Best Social Distancing Sex Positions To Try With Your Partner

In The Slip, it’s the man who positions himself by kneeling in front of the woman. She is lying on the bed. He then leans back with his arms as support. The woman must bend her legs and rest her head on a pillow to lift the lower part of her body. This sex position is very stimulating for both sexes.

The Landslide

10 Best Social Distancing Sex Positions To Try With Your Partner

The Landslide is the tricky one since the man has to be very careful. The woman lays on her stomach and supports herself on her elbows. The man then comes to sit on top. His legs are spread and placed on the sides of the woman. He then leans back with his arms on the ground. As for the woman, if you want to have more fun, you can slightly close your legs.

The Star

10 Best Social Distancing Sex Positions To Try With Your Partner

The Star is similar to The Cross. However, here, the man leans back with his arms behind his back instead of holding the woman’s legs. She lays down on her back and enjoys the motion.

If you notice any of the COVID-19 symptoms, please call any of these NCDC numbers.

  • Toll-Free Number: 0800 9700 0010
  • Whatsapp: +234708 711 0839
  • SMS Number: +234809 955 5577

Make sure to engage in social distancing and stay safe. Do you have any questions? Share in the comments section

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