Top Sexual Fantasies That Married Women Have

Top Sexual Fantasies That Married Women Have

Ladies, you know by now that being married doesn't confine us to missionary forever. There'll always be room for fun and spontaneity in marriage. That's why it's perfectly normal to have those dark and steamy thoughts that you wish would become reality sometime. Some of them are highly romantic, like being swept away by a real prince like Harry for a steamy night under the stars. Others are darker, more risqué. We don’t always like to admit to having these fantasies, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have them. Perhaps we wouldn’t find our fantasies so unusual if we realized how common they actually are. Let's see some of the most common fantasies of married women.

Sexual fantasies? HELL YEAH!

The rise of the dominatrix

Top Sexual Fantasies That Married Women Have

Sales of whips and chains must be spiking, because more and more women are fantasizing about taking on a dominating role in the bedroom. Around 47% of women fantasize about dominating someone sexually. BDSM practices have always existed, but their popularity seems to have become more mainstream of late, thanks to the Fifty Shades trilogy. Couple that with the reversal of stereotypical gender roles in society, and you have a recipe for women experimenting with sexual domination. Or at least imagining themselves dominating someone sexually.

Invest in some whips and other BDSM gear, and see if your partner is willing to explore.

Sex with multiple men

Top Sexual Fantasies That Married Women Have

Which woman doesn't dream of having her body worshiped by two or three men? Imagine multiple sets of hungry hands roaming over your body, warm mouths on both your breasts at once. Some ladies might like it a little nastier — being grabbed roughly, double penetration, the works.

To double your pleasure in the bedroom, strategic use of sex toys like vibrators can amp up the stimulation you get.

Sex in an unfamiliar location

Top Sexual Fantasies That Married Women Have

Nearly 85% of women fantasize about having sex in a romantic location, like on a deserted beach. Blame all of those Harlequin romance novels that are marketed to us. A romantic setting can really put a woman in the mood for a romp in the hay, so to speak. The setting can provide the necessary romance that may be lacking in one’s sexual partner. Candles can distract a woman from a man’s oafishness, for example. I think it’s safe to say that this is one fantasy that women would actually like to see come true.

When is the last time you went on a road trip? Find a lonely spot as you drive where you and your partner can get your freak on.

Being with another woman

"I kissed a girl and I liked it," sings Katy Perry. Many ladies wonder how the softness of another woman's curves would feel under their fingers. There's just something tantalising about a body different yet so similar to our own.

Part of the allure is that another lady is likely to know how to make herself feel good. This means she knows exactly how to reach those sweet spots that'll have your toes curling.


Watching other people get it on can be a massive turn-on. Maybe you imagine peeking at a couple boning in a fitting room at the mall, sitting in as an anonymous tipper in an online cam show, or watching a boundary-pushing BDSM scene at a dungeon. There are so many possibilities for (consenting) perviness.

Sex With a Celebrity

Some 52 percent of women reported having had this fantasy, and with good reason: Celebrities are often hot as hell. It’s also often easier and less complicated to picture your fave celeb—say, the star of that prime time comedy you can’t get enough of or that singer/songwriter whose crooning gets you swooning—than a stranger or someone you actually know in real life. Plus, there’s something affirming about the fantasy of a celebrity choosing you over all the other fawning fan-girls available to them.

Having a quickie with a stranger

Top Sexual Fantasies That Married Women Have

It could be pulling that man sitting opposite you in the train, the one with the chiseled jaw, into a dark corner. It could be slipping out one night for a seedy rendezvous, exploring each others' bodies without ever knowing the other's name.

This forbidden fantasy is about breaking all the rules — letting loose, no strings attached, with someone you'll never see again. Getting your husband to role play a handsome stranger can help you indulge this craving guilt-free.

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