7 Naija Superstition For Belle Wey You Fit Don Hear Before

7 Naija Superstition For Belle Wey You Fit Don Hear Before

Our people too like tori about superstition. If we come talk belle matter, the pregnancy superstition no be here.This tori carry seven, make you laugh dem.

Congratulobia o! Pikin don kak for inside your belle and your life go soon change. Many mama go tell you say to get belle dey bring excitement and hope. Na dis time women dey get plenty questions too, and many of dem questions base on top myth and superstition. We don arrange 7 Naija pregnancy superstition wey you go don hear before, and we go disprove dem. You and your baby deserve good health and peace of mind, and we go help you get am.

If woman get belle like this, dem go finish am with advice wey she go do and nor do. Dem go pack plenty instruction dem make the new mama fit sustain her belle till she born. Sometime, the instruction dey come from her mama, wey collect dem from her own mama before her. Another time, e dey come from her in-law, friend wey mean am well, e fit even come from people wey she dey follow work. Wetin funny for the matter be say the tori no get medical backup. Na just longtime tori, wey dem blend inside superstition. Na just belief wey dem dey pass for long years from one mama to another. Even as Naija take get many many ethnic group so, many of dem belief dey de same for different culture.

Make we scatter the 7 Naija Pregnancy Superstition

7 Naija Superstition For Belle Wey You Fit Don Hear Before

Nor Show Your Belle Until e Don Big Make dem No Kill Your Pikin for You

One of de first tin wey your mama go tell you be sey make you keep de news sey you don get belle. Dem talk sey you nor know who your enemy be, so you must to keep your belle secret. Minus your partner and your immediate family wey suppose know, you no suppose tell anybody until de belle by e sef show e sef. By dat time no be mouth you go use talk am, na eye. As e be, to keep your belle dey important. Pikin na good news and we suppose dey share good news.

Nor dey waka for outside for Afternoon Make Dem Spirit No Enter Your Pikin

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Dem go tell you make you nor dey waka for outside for afternoon, especially wen sun dey shine, because dem believe say evil spirit dey roam street for dat kain time and dem fit possess your pikin. De believe be sey na like dat dem take dey born all dem stubborn pikin. If na must for you to waka comot for afternoon, dem talk sey make you carry safety pin join your underwear, around your stomach. Na dat pin go protect de pikin from dem evil spirit.

Science never confirm am say safety pin and evil spirit get link. At lease as e still be, dat one never dey confirm. Wen we don confirm am, no worry, we go hala you.

Nor See Masquerades

7 Naija Superstition For Belle Wey You Fit Don Hear Before

Dem tell you make you nor carry your eye see masquerade make your pikin no go look like dem. Worse worse, dem say your pikin wey dey your belle fit even die. Wetin dis one mean be sey, you no go fit go carnival, just because you carri belle. We never still understand as de masquerades wan take kill your pikin if e nor go flog you for belle or even touch you at all. De tin sef never still clear as den take dey transfer DNA just by ordinary looku looku. From wetin we know, masquerades just dey dance around and to look dem dey sweet. To dey sure, na only people wey pikin get dem DNA pikin dey resemble.

Nor Chop Snails, Okro or Anything Wey Dey Draw

7 Naija Superstition For Belle Wey You Fit Don Hear Before

Wen you don carry belle, dem go tell you make you nor chop snails, okra, ewedu or anytin wey dey draw. Dem go tell you say if you dey chop dose kain tins, you go born pikin wey dey troway spit for mouth. Dis one in particular dey funny. Sey our fore father dem believe sey na dat tin wey dey draw for snail dey make pikin wey get special need dey different. Nobody dey ask why de same snail dey good for adult wey nor get belle but e nor good for de one wey get belle. All dem lovely madam wey get belle, abeg if you dey crave for snails wen you get bell, nor waste time, arrange am make you enjoy. Just make sure sey you eat correct food all de time.

If You Chop Grasscutter meat, Make You Gather De Bone Dem Keep

We no dey sure why dem talk dis one but dem talk sey if woman wey get belle chop grass cutter, she must to gather all dem bones and keep dem until de day wey she go born de pikin. She must hold de bones for hand as she dey push out de pikin. Dem talk sey e go helep her born safely. At least, dem free you make you chop bush meat. Seriously, we doubt sey you go remember bones wen de pikin dey come, but if you remember, no wahala. 

Tie Small Part of Your Wrapper put Stone Inside

Plenty plenty people believe sey if you dey carri belle, you suppose tie stone inside your wrapper. Dem talk sey if you do am like dat and you come put de wrapper for your head, your labour pain go stop instanta and you go enjoy painless delivery. Anytin wey fit give painless labour and wey no go harm de pikin dey welcome. But make e nor surprise you if e nor work. Dis tin no get proof for science.

Nor Drink Direct From Bottle

We hear sey if woman wey carri belle dey drink from de bottle, her pikin go dey stammer wen im grow up. People believe sey de stammer wey de pikin dey stammer na because de mama dey drink from bottle when she get belle. E nor make sense make we dey drink from inside same bottle wey others go drink from. You dey carri belle, so you suppose dey extra careful about your hygiene. But if you nor dey share de same bottle, abeg dey gulp am dey go. Person fit dey stammer for one family if e inherit abnormality for de part of de brain wey dey control language. If you or your parents dey stammer, your pikin fit stammer too.

Na 2019 we dey so, and na de age of internet we dey inside. Everytin wey you need know about de belle wey you dey carri dey on top internet. Just ask us. Also, your dokito suppose be person wey you fit ask any kain question or information. He go dey happy to answer your question because na part of why e dey for you be dat. Time done reach make we bone all dese dem superstitions, you gree?

Which other Nigerian pregnancy superstitions you don hear? Wetin you tink about dis ones wey we don discuss? Share with us for dem comment.

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Tony S Abiodun