Some sore nipples remedies for fast relief

Some sore nipples remedies for fast relief

It is normal to experience sore nipples during or immediately after breastfeeding. You could also get it from chaffing and during menstruation. There’s usually no cause for alarm, as this will go away if you use the right sore nipples remedies. This condition can be frustrating since it usually makes breastfeeding uncomfortable, so how can you take care of it?

sore nipples remedies

Sore nipples – what does it mean?

Sore nipples would refer to pain felt around the area of the nipples. There could be a burning sensation, itchiness and flaking, and sometimes even tenderness. For breastfeeding moms, sore nipples are even more problematic, as they still have to breastfeed no matter the discomfort.

Why do you need sore nipples remedies?

Sore nipples remedies, on the other hand, refer to the means of preventing or treating sore nipples in order to relieve the mother of the discomfort associated with sore nipples. Simply put, there are solutions to this problem.

Remedies can be in the form of medications, correcting breastfeeding mistakes, and allowing the child to latch correctly. There are also sore nipples remediesthat are actually preventive measures to make sure the problem does not even arise in the first place.

Causes of sore nipples

A lot of things can bring about soreness around the nipples, and these include:

• Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding mothers are usually most at risk of getting sores in the nipples. This usually happens when the baby is not latching properly or if the mother does not adopt the right breastfeeding position.

• Infections
Infections like candida and thrush can lead to sore nipples, thereby requiring sore nipples remedies. Thrush can also be passed on to the baby.

• Breast cancer
Sore nipples can also be a symptom of certain kinds of breast cancers.

• Exercise
During exercise, the nipples might get chaffed from rubbing against clothes.

sore nipples remedies

Improper latching can cause sore nipples

Things to do to prevent this condition

While breastfeeding, there are several preventive measures you should adopt to prevent breastfeeding sores. These include;

• Latching correctly
When the baby is incapable of latching on well, expression of milk becomes difficult, causing sores to develop as a result. The mouth of the baby should cover the areola area and not just the nipples. If the latch is too shallow—that’s if the baby sucks on the nipples only—this could cause soreness.

• Adopt the right breastfeeding position
While breastfeeding, good positioning of the body will allow the child to access the breast in a way that won’t put a strain on the nipples.

• Prevent thrush
It is normal to have some left-over milk residue on the breasts. If left that way, infection might set in and lead to the spread of thrush. To prevent thrush, dry the nipples between feeds with a clean towel. If you use breast pads to fix milk leakage, you should change the pads often.

• Cool water compress
Cool water can help you deal with soreness. Apply cool water compress to the breasts using a hand towel soaked in cold water.

• Pain relief medication
Analgesics like ibuprofen can be taken as a sore nipple remedy if the pain becomes unbearable for the mum. Drugs should be taken only is prescribed by the doctor. Breastfeeding women should be careful when taking drugs so as not to expose their baby to harmful medication.

• Moisturizers
Some topical lotions and creams can offer temporary relief to sores on the nipples.

• Wear loose clothing
As much as possible, tight clothing should not be worn during this period in order to allow the sores to heal.

• Wear appropriate maternity bras
The right bras can make all the difference when it comes to finding sore nipples remedies. To prevent chaffing, choose bras made with breathable fabrics. Underwire bras are not very comfortable during breastfeeding, so you should do away with those.

If you can’t find good bras because of the fluctuation in the shape and size of your lactating breasts, there are fitted camisoles that will work.

Sore nipples remedies should be handled as delicately as possible because the body part involved is sensitive. The good news is that sores will heal quickly if you use the sore nipples remedieslisted in this article.

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