How To Apply For Your Child's Passport In South Africa

How To Apply For Your Child's Passport In South Africa

For parents who would be travelling with their young ones, this would guide you to the procedure to get a South African Child Passport.

You are entitled to a child passport as a citizen of South African if are under 16 years old. And this passport shall not be renewable after five years. As an under 16 you may apply for a South African child passport if your current passport is about to expire, stolen or lost, almost full or damaged.

Also, children born to South African parents can apply for the child passport as long their births are registered. Additionally, as a change in migration policy, South Africa has ruled that passports for minors will have details from both parents. During the process of getting your passport, documentation must be submitted by both parents accompanying the child. But there are exceptions.

How to apply for South African child passport

south african child passport

You'll need the following to apply for South African child passport:

  • First, you'll need to complete a DHA-73 form either at Home Affairs domestic office or a South African embassy if you're in another country.
  • You'll need proof of identity, but don't panic if you don't have it. You can always apply for an ID.
  • Check with the Home Affairs office near you if they're using the new biometric system. If yes, then you will not need the 2 passports you're supposed to bring.
  • You'll need to pay a fee of R400.
  • During the application, both parents must be present. But if the parent is single a single parent, then a certificate of the child's birth proving this fact is required. Also, if the parents are divorced then both of them are still required to sign the consent form unless custody has been relinquished to the parent applying for the child passport. Then it falls to this parent to prove this fact with a court order. Finally, if one parent is deceased, then a death certificate must be submitted.

Applying online

       Step one (registration)

  • Go to the Department of Home Affairs and create a profile. Answer the security questions, then create a password. A pin will be sent to your phone.
  • Attach a copy of your ID.

       Step two (payment)

  • Enter your account on the site. You have to authorise the payment on your internet banking. To do that, go to "Payments" and find "My bills" to initiate payment. Add the Department of Home Affairs as a beneficiary.
  • To approve, enter your reference number and approve the payment of R400.

       Step three (appointment)

  • You should be able to make an appointment once it registers that payment has been made to Home Affairs. For people living in either Pretoria, Cape Town, or Johannesburg there's an option to choose a bank branch with the biometric facilities. But if you don't live in any of these cities, you will have to go to a Home Affairs near you and this doesn't need an appointment. If you have selected a bank, you will be given time slots to choose from. When you select a time slot, a confirmation will be forwarded to your email and SMS. Take them with you to the bank.

       Step four (Biometrics)

  • After payment, you immediately qualify to take your biometrics data. Go to the bank you selected, with your email and SMS and capture your data. If you're not in any of the aforementioned cities, go to a Local Home affairs office. Just take your ID book with you.
  • After ten days, give or take, you'll receive a notification to go collect your passport.


If you encounter any problems, check here for more information.

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