52 Lovely Spanish Names For Your Baby Girl

52 Lovely Spanish Names For Your Baby Girl

Spanish names are unique and full of meaning. Are you looking for Spanish names for your baby? Here's a list of 52 Spanish female names and their meanings

If you love watching Telemundo serials, then you may love Spanish names. Spanish names have a certain unique warmth and appeal. Spanish is the official language in 20 countries and is the second most spoken language in the world, so how about a Spanish name for your unborn daughter? View our selection of lovely Spanish female names below.

Unique Spanish female names for your baby girl

Like in most places in the world, the Spanish naming system has a lot to do with religious symbols, culture, meaning, and imagery. Admittedly, it's not always easy to settle on a name for your baby girl because the decision carries so much weight. You want to pick a name that represents all you want for your baby girl in a lifetime.

52 Lovely Spanish Names For Your Baby Girl

  1. Alondra

It means "Bird"

  1. Anahi

It means "Uncertain"

  1. Abigeal

It means "The father's rejoice"

  1. Abrienda

It means "The opening or the inauguration"

  1. Abril

It means "Open"

  1. Acela

It means "A flower from the God or the ash tree"

  1. Acha

It means "The holly bushes or plants"

  1. Adalira

It means "A kind person, noble"

  1. Addolorata

It means "Our Lady of the sorrows of grief; Virgin Mary"

  1. Bahia

It means "One who has charismatic and brilliant beauty"

  1. Baila

It means "One who is a beautiful form of dance.

  1. Baja

It means "Lower one"

  1. Balea

It means "To be carefree, happy and free-spirited."

  1. Bandana

It means "Worship"

  1. Baya

It means "A small roundish juicy fruit without a stone"

  1. Beatrisa

It means "Bringer of joy"

  1. Belia

It means "God's promise"

  1. Canciana

It means "One belonging to Anzio"

  1. Candela

It means "She burns like a candle"

  1. Candelaria

It means "She is like a candle"

beautiful spanish female names

  1. Canyon

means "A very large ravine, a canyon"

  1. Carene

I mean "A little beloved, pure and darling one"

  1. Cari

It means "A very dear one"

  1. Deja

It means "One who has already been made"

  1. Deliz

It means "Roman empress; one who gives pleasure"

  1. Delma

It means "A person who came"

  1. Digna

It means "One who is worthy of all the praise"

  1. Dionisia

It means "Spreader of light"

  1. Fabiola

It means "A girl who grows beans"

  1. Fabriana

It means "A woman who is crafty"

  1. Fantasia

It means "A fantasy"

  1. Fargo

It means "A person who comes from the fenced pasture"

  1. Faustina

It means "A little lucky woman"

  1. Fe

It means "A Spanish name meaning trust "

  1. Felice

It means "A fortunate and happy lady"

names for spanish girls

  1. Mafalda

It means "A powerful warrior"

  1. Magdalina

It means "A woman from the tower town"

  1. Mahogany

It means "Dark Red Wood"

  1. Maicean

It means "One whose hair is the colour of the corn"

  1. Maisa

It means "She who is walking proudly"

  1. Malak

It means "One who is Angel-like"

  1. Pabla

It means "Humble"

  1. Paca

It means "One who is a free person"

  1. Pacca

It means "A lovely person"

  1. Paciencia

It means  "One who endures with courage"

  1. Paloma

It means "Dove or Peaceful"

  1. Palumbus

It means "A symbol of peace"

  1. Pamelia

It means "A honey-coated individual"

  1. Pamelina

It means "Honeyed, sweet like honey"

  1. Paola

It means "Small; Little; Humble"

  1. Paquita

It means "An independent and free person"

  1. Patia

It means "An honourable individual"

Not only are these female names adorable, but some of them can also be used as nicknames in their short or medium form.

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