Four Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Partner During This Festive Season

Four Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Partner During This Festive Season
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The Christmas and New Year Holidays are around the corner and love is in the air. But love alone, cannot determine a splendid time with your partner this season. So how to spend quality time this season?

Family commitments, personal plans, and situations could minimize alone-time for you two. So how can you make things work? How can you and boo make the most of the holidays so that you spend quality time together, and still attend to other responsibilities? Basically, spend quality time this season with your partner, and use the below tips on how to do it.

  • Turn down irrelevant invitations

This means saying ‘no’ to invitations that aren’t of priority to either of you. Long-lost friends, secondary-school classmates, the most-distant cousins triple times removed, for instance, can have their events successfully without your presence.

Decide on events to attend by drafting a table of priorities; which invitation came in on time, which is important to both of you, which is most convenient? By doing this, you two can narrow down the invitations to honour thereby saving cost and time alone for each other.

Four Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Partner During This Festive Season

  • Use tech to stay-in-touch

Should one of you be away from the other during the holiday? There’s absolutely no need to feel lonely. Sign up to social media platforms providing video call options such as; like WhatsApp, Skype, Hangout, Instagram, to stay in touch.

Agree on a time to call and savour the moment while catching up on each other’s day.

  • Work around your combined plans

If staying apart during the holidays is a no-no for you two, you may try honouring invitations together. After all, ‘two heads are better than one’ and a couple that attends events together, have fun together.

This decision might incur more expenses, so do well to work around scheduling, costs, and accommodation for every occasion on the To-Attend list.

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  • Stick to a budget

The holiday is not the time to overspend because after the festivities, come financial responsibilities. Work around a budget and implement it in your decision-making processes.

Are you and boo out of ideas for the holiday? How about spending some quality time with loved ones and family. Not only is this decision cost-friendly, but it also creates an atmosphere of happiness and joy.


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