Here Are Some Creative Ways To Get Your Kid To Eat Spinach

Here Are Some Creative Ways To Get Your Kid To Eat Spinach

Getting kids to eat spinach can be a concern for parents. However, there are some ways parents can incorporate it into their meals like the spinach cake

Most kids are not big fans of veggies like spinach. Children need a lot of nutrients and vitamins to aid their growth. Spinach is a great source of those nutrients. Nutrients that may not be easily found in other food. Spinach is rich in zinc, vitamin A, potassium, vitamin C, and iron. All of these vitamins and nutrients don't endear spinach to your kids. So in the meantime, you may have to find sneaky ways to make your child eat spinach. Fortunately, spinach can go in with a lot of foods. 

So that makes it easier to sneak into a lot of foods. Sometimes though, your kid's dislike for spinach may extend to its colour and taste. But this can easily be remedied. When you want to mask the taste, add fruits. For the colour, sneak it into foods with a darker shade.

Sneaky ways to make your child eat spinach

Below are sneaky ways to get your child to eat spinach. 

  • Smoothies 

spinach smoothie

The natural flexibility of smoothies is a great asset here. Smoothies are one of those foods that lets you incorporate anything healthy into it. It is like having all the cards. So in the case of sneaking in spinach, that should be easy. All you need is a powerful blender. And if your kids are one of those children who can be put off by the looks of it, then mask the colour. All in the privacy of your kitchen.

  • Cake


There are very few children who don't like cake. So that makes the cake an asset in your quest to deliver much-needed nutrients to the kids. Kids will hardly find a ball of spinach delicious. But incorporate into the cake and watch them gulp all that nutrients down. Just find a way to add spinach into your cake recipe and you're good to go. 

  • Mashed potatoes 

This is another food that has the capacity to have your kids hooked to their plate. So it provides another way of making the kids eat the all-nutritious spinach. Plus, with mashed potatoes, spinach is barely noticeable. Even better for masking your handiwork. 

  • Tomato omelettes 

Omelettes provide the opportunity to have your kids eat spinach for breakfast. Hardly are there kids who don't like omelettes. The tomatoes, butter, pepper, and other spices in omelettes gives you all the cover you need to sneak spinach right in. 

  • Spaghetti 

Spaghetti is a lot of kids' favourite. The trick, as always, is to use foods the kids love as cover. Doesn't have to be their favourite. It will do as long as it is an everyday food they eat at home. Don't prepare the spinach as vegetable soup. That will be like giving yourself away. Kids who don't like the looks might reject it. So go for Jollof version, gives you the allowance to throw in some spinach without notice. 


While you're busy sneaking in spinach, it is wise to have your eyes on the long term. You will not always be with your kids and they will not always be kids. So it is important to talk to them about healthy eating. Let them see you practising it. This will help them adopt healthy eating habits on their own.

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Written by

Lydia Ume