How to stop your husband's snoring

How to stop your husband's snoring

On most days we would barely sleep (him from my kicks and me from his snoring) and we would both wake up feeling resentful.

Even though my husband is a caring and funny guy, not too long ago I hated him. That's because of how my husband's snoring keeps me awake at night.

For almost four years, his horrible snoring (that could rattle walls) was the bane of my life. It was SO loud that I could feel the mattress vibrate, and what was even worse was that he would start his thunderous snoring the moment he fell asleep. And this was like the moment his head touched the pillow.

At one point it got so bad, that I literally punched him in his face while the poor man was still asleep. On most days we would barely sleep (him from my kicks and me from his snoring) and we would both wake up feeling resentful.

It's not rocket science to understand that bad sleeping habits — including snoring like a total monster — can ruin your relationship. It affected ours too. In fact, even scientific research backs this claim.

A National Sleep Foundation poll, found that almost 50 percent of participants who were at risk of sleep apnea or whose partners were at risk had a relationship that suffered because of snoring.

Around 28 percent admitted that their sexual life suffered because of lack of sleep.

Sleeping in separate rooms may seem like a feasible option, but it's not always the best solution. Yes, it lets you get up fresh and rejuvenated and you get the space and peace you need, but it can take a toll on relationships. We tried it too. But he kept coming back to say that he was uncomfortable and I was too guilty to kick him out.

How to stop your husband's snoringIt's a miracle! Husband's snoring keeps me awake no more (no, I didn't kill him)

So knowing that my husband's snoring keeps me awake, and at my wit's end, I started looking for expert advice. And I found my saviour in Shelby Harris.

Harris is the director of behavioural sleep medicine at Sleep-Wake Disorders Center at Montefiore Medical Center, New York City. Patients often come to her complaining about their noisy, snoring partners.

1. Change his sleeping position

Sleep experts suggest that you must sleep on your side, if you are prone to snoring or suffer from sleep apnea. Sleeping on your side can open up the congested and oft-crowded oropharynx. It also helps relieve the back from any pains caused due to sedentary jobs. Plus, it saves him from all your Kung Fu chops through the night.

2. Work on making lifestyle changes

Helping your partner lose weight can drastically change his snoring habits. When there is excess weight on the neck, courtesy of the excess kilos, it can obstruct the airway. This leads to snoring.

So the other way to deal with this issue is to help your partner have a healthy lifestyle. Incorporate fat-free foods that are vitamin and mineral-rich and start an exercise routine – even if this means you have to join him to keep him motivated. It took me three months just to push my husband to walk on the treadmill. WALK!

3. Speak to a sleep doctor

While both of these methods worked really well for my husband, I still had my Kung Fu chop nights and the poor man was of course at the receiving end of these.

So we decided to consult with a sleep doctor to better understand why my husband's snoring was still loud and irritating. The good thing is that on one of those annoying nights, I managed to tape my husband snoring like there was no tomorrow, so I went with proof.  (Don't worry, my husband knew about the recording!)

And honestly, it helped.

The sleep therapist was able to analyse the snoring pattern. But according to the usual procedure, my husband still had to go for a sleep test. This means he slept overnight at the sleep lap so his heart's rhythm and snoring pattern could be tested. As it turns out, he did have sleep apnea.

The doctor suggested that he wear a retainer that would keep his mouth open as he slept. This device can hold the lower jaw forward so there is no obstruction in the airway.

We tried all of these methods together last year and let me share that they worked! Yes, it did take time for him to lose the extra weight, but the retainer helped tremendously. Just expecting one or the other to work wasn't practical. All three things had to be done together.

So try them together or one after the other and help yourself and your partner get a good night sleep.

Source: Women's Health

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