Stubborn Bed Bugs? Get Rid Of Them Fast With These Steps

Stubborn Bed Bugs? Get Rid Of Them Fast With These Steps

Bed bugs are stubborn travellers. It does not matter how neat your home is, once it gets stuck in your dress via an infested area, it can stick with you till you get home.

Bed bug bites are vicious, but not in the way they go about inflicting their bites on you. They have a subtle way of going about business. The hollow tubes they use to pierce your skin and suck your blood contain a potent but temporary painkiller. With that, you don’t feel any pain when they dig in. Only in the morning will you see the signs of their handiwork all over your skin. And it can be disconcerting, but thankfully this article provides methods on how to get rid of bed bugs fast. 

How can you identify bed bugs?

Bed bugs are nightcrawlers, and they can be hard to spot with the naked eye, given the fact they’re tiny. And they like to dwell in tight spaces like in mattresses and crevices. And contrary to what many believe, bed bugs don’t only hunt for dirty spaces. Bed bugs are reddish-brown, with bodies that are flat and oval-shaped. Bed bugs do not fly, instead, they crawl quickly over surfaces. The colour and shape of their bodies mean they can sometimes be mistaken for cockroaches and ticks. 

Furthermore, when you’re searching for them in your home, use a torchlight. And look for areas that are stained, like rusty or dark spots in the mattress. Unlike other insects, bed bugs do not have nests. So they like to gather where humans like to sleep. 

How to get rid of bed bugs fast

how to get rid of bed bugs fast

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The following methods will help you get rid of bed bugs fast. 

  • Vacuuming Or Sunning


how to get rid of bed bugs fast

Apart from vacuuming your entire house with a powerful vacuum cleaner and a good hose detachment, you’re expected to continue the routine during a bed bug infestation. This way you’re very thorough, because let’s face it, those little guys are tough. So you will need to be tougher. Start from high places during vacuuming and come down to lower places. Give special attention to your carpets and crevices. If you don’t own a vacuum cleaner, you can sun the items that have been infested.

  • Wash all bedding and clothes 

Every bedding and clothes that have been exposed to bedbugs in your house need to be washed in hot water. But, before you do that make sure you check the labels of your clothes to be sure they can tolerate hot water. Some fabrics don’t. 

  • Silica gel 

Use a silicon gel to get rid of bed bugs fast

To find silica, look no further than the new things you buy. They are those ball-shaped beads packed in small bags usually found in new shoes or handbags. But you have to be careful with silica, especially when you have little kids. Exposure to silica or swallowing is very dangerous. Also, to use it against bed bugs you have to make it into a powder by grinding the beads and spreading around the infected area. 

  • Baking sodahow to get rid of bed bugs fast

It is common knowledge that baking soda removes moisture from the fridge, but what most people do not know is that it has the same effects on bed bugs. It sucks moisture out of their bodies. And it is simple to apply. Just spread baking soda on the infected area and reapply every time you vacuum. 

  • Thyme

how to get rid of bed bugs fast

You apply this the way some Nigerians burn incense to ward off evil spirits. Tie the thyme in a cloth and burn close to the infected area. But be very careful so you don’t burn down your house. Well, that will completely get rid of the bed bugs for good, but that’s not recommended. On a more serious note, burning thyme will have to be done repeatedly to completely remove the bed bugs.

If bed bug infestation becomes overwhelming, please call pest control professionals. They know where to look and how to rid your home of bed bug presence. 

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