O.A.U. Student Commits Suicide For Poor Academic Performance

O.A.U. Student Commits Suicide For Poor Academic Performance

The spate of suicides in Nigeria's tertiary institutions is on the rise. OAU is thrown into mourning as student commits suicide over poor academic grades.

A student of the Obafemi Awolowo University has taken her own life after ingesting the deadly insecticide, Sniper.Reportedly, the female student commits suicide for academic problems.

Suicide By Insecticide

A final year student of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) identified as Opeyemi Grace Dara threw the community into a state of mourning on Saturday after taking her own life.
The deceased, a student Department of English in the Faculty of Arts, died in an apparent suicide after taking a suspected dose of the lethal chemical popularly known as “Sniper”. Dara allegedly took her life following her poor academic performance. However, the details of the incident are still sketchy.
The authorities of the institution confirmed that the deceased committed suicide following depression occasioned by poor academic records. Dara’s academic records obtained indicated that she had five outstanding courses and 12 Special Electives.

Authorities Confirm The Death

The Public Relations Officer of OAU, Mr. Abiodun Olanrewaju confirmed the incident and promised that the institution would investigate and make its findings public. Olanrewaju appealed to students not to contemplate committing suicide because of poor academic performance,
“ We sympathize with the parents and guardian of the deceased known as Dara.
We just want our students and young ones to know that depression is not a thing they should encourage, no matter the situation or circumstance they find themselves.
“ Some people in the past have passed through the same situation and circumstances and came out clean.
“Now, suicide can never be an option and people, especially the young ones who believe that taking their own lives is an act of gallantry should know that it is not .
“We want to appeal to students, particularly OAU students to take things easy. Any child that fails; that is why the university says you can rerun a course, you can resit a course.
“People out there also face challenges and when you are in school, failure or repetition of a course or particular subject is also part of the challenges students must face.
“The university will get to the root of the incident and get back to the public,” Olarewaju said.
The desire for excellent grades often puts undue pressure on the student. Sometimes, the pressure is from a parent, or both parents. You should be more encouraging to your children, than always criticise your children. Here's how you can learn to ease up on pressuring your child for good grades.

5 Ways To Set High Expectations Without High Pressure

O.A.U. Student Commits Suicide For Poor Academic Performance

1. Adopt a Growth Mindset

It involves focussing on the value of the process that goes into things, rather than the outcome.

2. Make expectations clear, realistic and reasonable.

Set achievable expectations for your kids and make sure they know exactly what they are, and how you expect them to achieve them.

3. Aim for personal bests and fulfilled potential.

It is reasonable and beneficial to expect fulfilled potential. But putting high pressure on numbers and ranks is unproductive, and often detrimental.

4. Let them make mistakes.

Kids are expected to be competent enough to independently fulfil all of their school-set obligations. By helping them too much, you can send the message that your expectations are low, and that they can’t meet those set by their teacher.

5. Offer support and encouragement through the process.

Let your kids know that you have faith in their ability. That you believe they are confident and capable. And that importantly, hard work is what’s needed to get good results. Offer them whatever emotional and practical support you can, and that they may need, in order to achieve their goals.

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