Successful marriage tips: how to build a long-lasting union

Successful marriage tips: how to build a long-lasting union

Nigerians have a joke that marriage is the only institution where you will receive a certificate before you actually begin the course. No matter how many successful marriage tipsyou learn, when it comes to marriage, the taste of the pudding is in the eating. This means that there will be periods when you’ll feel unprepared for the ups and downs you are bound to experience.

succesful marriage tips

That notwithstanding, there are some rock-solid successful marriage tipsthat can help you build a union that will stand the test of time.

Some successful marriage tipsfor newlyweds and long-term couples

1. Communicate

You will need to talk about the minutest detail of your life. Communication will give you the room to iron out issues before they lead to full-blown conflicts. However, communication has to be done respectfully. The goal is not to offend but rather to let the other person know how you feel.

A simple ‘we need to talk’ can set the stage. A scheduled time for communication will ensure that the other person doesn’t feel ambushed or taken unawares.

2. Listen

Marriage counsellors routinely tell couples that they need to become better listeners. This is very true. Sometimes, communication is about listening to what the other person has to say. Listening and hearing are not the same thing since you can hear something without actually making the effort to listen and take note of what the other party is saying.

Listening will allow you to understand what is going on with your spouse, which could then spur you into trying to remedy whatever concerns they may have.
Don’t let the sometimes ominous ‘we need to talk’ scare you aware from giving them your ears and your heart.

3. Have something going on for yourself

The fact that you are now joined together in marriage does not necessarily mean that you should lose yourselves to each other. One of the successful marriage tipsto remember is that your union can be made stronger by just having time for yourselves independent of each other.

You can have a career, a hobby, or even friends that have nothing to do with your partner. Getting busy on your own once in a while will give them time to actually miss you.

successful marriage tips

4. Decide on how you want to resolve conflicts

It is normal to sometimes be at loggerheads. Disagreements don’t mean that your partner doesn’t love you. You are different people who came together, and so, once in a while, disagreements will crop up.

Once one person airs their dissatisfaction, the other actually has to listen and only air their views when the other is done talking. A back and forth is okay as long as no one is talking over the other. Taking turns to talk will allow the other party to really hear what you’re saying, which is something you can’t achieve with a shouting match.

And if you find that there is no middle ground, you may have to agree to disagree. The fact that you are married doesn’t mean that you’ll both agree on issues all the time.

5. Keep the sex fresh

Sex is one of the important successful marriage tips. Couples who have been married for a while know how sex can become monotonous. But you can keep things exciting in the bedroom by trying new things.

Have fun exploring each other’s bodies with new sex positions. It is important to make sure that your partner is comfortable with whatever new thing you want to try under the sheets Ask them about their sexual fantasies and have fun recreating whatever they tell you.

Anticipation can make it more exciting, so plan for sex before you leave for work in the morning and text each other about your sex date all day. By the time you actually come together, the buildup will definitely make things more exciting.

6. Successful marriage tips: Give

Make it a habit to give gifts to your partner. You don’t have to wait for holidays or anniversaries to send them a present. You also don’t have to spend a lot of money for it to be meaningful. It is the thought that counts. You can buy them tickets to local events or gift cards from their favorite online store.

If you have access to your partner’s eCommerce store accounts, you could surprise them by paying for everything in their cart.

It is nice to buy things you need at home like a new fridge or a bigger toaster, but these home appliances are for all members of your family. When you want to give, make sure it is something your partner will enjoy alone.

7. Compliment

It is easy to fall into the trap of always complaining about your partner’s shortcomings and rarely ever complimenting them when they do something right.

When your partner does something commendable, you should verbalize the praise. Let them know they’re amazing. Compliments shouldn’t be reserved for big achievements only. Something as simple as mowing the lawn or cooking dinner deserves your praise.

There are successful marriage tipsall over the internet, but we have compiled a list of seven important things that will make your marriage stronger.

Resource: Britannica

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