Summer Timetable: How To Enjoy The Summer At Home With Your Kids

Summer Timetable: How To Enjoy The Summer At Home With Your Kids

The summer holidays or what we usually refer to as "long vac" are here. What are we going to do with our energetic children for two months? It's no secret that kids love activity, but it can be so hard to keep up. With the help of some moms, we've put together a summer timetable to help you make the best of the holiday for you and your kids.

If you're a stay-at-home or work-from-home mom, it means your schedules are going to change, so a summer time-table will help you maintain some order. You can print it out in large fonts, have it pasted on the fridge, or make copies of it and paste it in the bedroom.

There'll be days when this timetable won't be followed, but that's ok. You're not running an army barracks.

Here's a template you can use.

Please note that this is just a guide and you can edit the times and activities to suit the ages of your children and your household's routine.

Summer TimeTable To Keep Kids Busy

Summer Timetable to keep kids busy


To add variety to the children's schedule and create a learning experience, Tomilola Olatunde of @thecuddleblog suggests that "Moms can use one day in the week to go on a field trip." She also recommends dividing the holiday weeks into themes. "For example, you can have food, flowers, transportation, animals, family, or insects, as themes you and the children can explore."

Atinuke  Atilade of @mumconfessions advises parents to stock up on educational toys and books. "Even though it's a time to rest, it's important to keep the kids learning, and learning doesn't have to be boring as kids learn through play."  She also emphasizes the need to stock up on snacks. "They're hungrier during the holidays."

We hope we've been able to provide you with enough ideas to enjoy the summer with your children at home, and if you've got more ideas to share with us, you can drop them in the comments section.


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