Twitter User Shares Video As He Surprises His Mom After 6 Years

Twitter User Shares Video As He Surprises His Mom After 6 Years

A young man surprised his mother with a visit to Nigeria from Ukraine where he was studying for a doctorate in Medicine. Watch the video here.

An emotional video of a young man reuniting with his mother after six years apart recently went viral. The young man is identified on Twitter as @Tolu_Mo. He shared the clip, sharing how he surprised his mother after spending six years in medical school in Ukraine.

In the video, the excited mother is screaming and hugging her son tightly. The viral video has got a lot of Twitter users in their feelings, and with good reason. Twitter user @Tolu_Mo on Twitter shared the heart-warming clip on his page and it has since gone viral, garnering over half a million views since it was uploaded. He showed up while she was seated in what looked like a church and prostrated to greet her. Tolu who left as a young boy returned as a graduate and doctor of medicine.

As his mum recognized him, she sprung to her feet and hugged her son tightly for several minutes whilst dancing and screaming. The love and bond between mother and son was palpable as she expressed joy at the emotional reunion. Tolu, not only returned home but made his parents proud as he graduated with a degree in medicine.

As your kids grow into young adults, it is inevitable that they will one day leave your home. They will no doubt want to pursue their dreams, go off to school or travel the world. While it is every parent's joy, it often leaves us at a loss as to what next to do. After about two decades of a full parenting life, you're suddenly faced with an empty house and possibly a lot more time on your hands than you envisaged.

We've come up with some tips to help you cope with your empty nest.

How To Cope With Empty Nest Syndrome

Identify Your Roles

You’ve probably played several roles in your life, but none may be as important as the role of mother or father. It's time to take on a new role, or a new challenge. Identify new roles you want to fill during this empty nest phase of your life. Do you want to be a volunteer? A generous neighbour? An involved community member?

With more time on your hands, you have opportunities to explore other activities that can give you purpose. Clarifying the roles you’d like to fill now will help you feel valuable.

Reconnect With Your Partner

You might be totally focused on how your life is going to change after your child leaves, and in your mind, that might not be for the better. Remember those years before you had kids, though, when it was just the two of you? It’s time to make more memories as a twosome. Take time to travel without worrying about who’s going to stay with the kids. Plan date nights without thinking about a babysitter and cook whatever meals you want without considering if a picky eater is going to complain about it.

Reconnect With Yourself

Did you have any hobbies that you slowly gave up as parenting took over your life? An empty nest means that you have space and time to get back in touch with that side of you, whether it’s painting, creating music or cooking.

With all your kids’ stuff gone, there is now plenty of space to store the supplies that you need to immerse yourself in the activities that you love. Think about how you want to spend your time.

Find New Challenges

Ease the sense of loss that you might feel about your child growing up by finding a new personal or professional challenge to tackle. Whether you’ve dreamed of starting a lifestyle business or you always wanted to redesign a room in your home, now might be the best time to dive in.

You might even take on something even bigger, such as volunteering with an NGO, which can help you find a place to direct your parenting focus.

Resist the Urge to Check-In Too Much

Try not to obsessively monitor your child’s social media accounts and call every morning. And don't spend your time worrying about how your child is doing in college or in his new place. If you do, you may not be able to move on with your life.

Coping with empty nest syndrome means beginning the process of letting go and letting your child grow into an independent adult. Of course, you should certainly check in on your child’s well-being sometimes. But, give your child some privacy — and the space to make a few mistakes.

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