Nigerian Lady, Says It Is A Taboo For Wives To Fart In Their Husband's Presence

Nigerian Lady, Says It Is A Taboo For Wives To Fart In Their Husband's Presence

According to Lisa Kanu, a Nigerian Lady, it's a taboo for wives to fart in their husband's presence especially if you are in Igbo woman.

Nigeria, if not the whole of Africa, is known for maintaining culture and traditions, even the ones that are harmful or don't make sense altogether. But with more knowledge and learning came the need to question some cultures and traditions. Thankfully, this has led to a stop in some practices that are harmful to either individuals or groups. Nevertheless, from time to time you still find an individual or a group of people that are stubborn about culture and tradition. People like these think that all cultural practices should continue. And in most cases, other than the fact that it's been done for years, there's no other reason to support continuation. Lisa Kanu, A Nigerian lady says that it is a taboo for wives to fart in their husband's presence.

A Nigerian lady says it is a taboo for wives to fart in their husband's presence

it is a taboo for wives to fart in their husband's presence

Lisa Kanu stated that it's a taboo for a married Igbo woman to fart before her husband. If she must fart it has to be silently, so her husband doesn't hear it. And in the event that she farts loudly, the wife is expected to apologise for it. She was very exact about such a tradition in Igbo land, giving an example of a quarrel between a couple she knew. The lady in question farted before her husband. He demanded an apology but she refused to apologise, stating that even her friends do it.

Furthermore, Kanu criticised the popular belief that a wife who doesn't fart before her husband is hiding something. That for the simple fact that it's working for someone else doesn't mean it will work for you. Admittedly, Kanu said that she is not against women farting before their husbands, but only if the husband is cool with it. She urged those whose husbands have no problem with it to carry on.

As might be expected, Lisa Kanu looked at things from a cultural point of view when she posted that on social media. She could be heard in the video saying that people need to learn their culture and traditions, citing the 21st century as the reason why most women will not last in their marriages.

How Nigerians Reacted To Lisa's Opinion

it is a taboo for wives to fart in their husband's presence

Interaction in marriage is a topic that's widely debated in Nigeria. In past generations, women lived within very strict rules and regulations, even to their own bodies. But women have come to that point where they are refusing to accept practices that don't allow them to express themselves fully in the name of traditions. Movements like feminism have brought even more attention to interaction in marriage. More women are seeing the ways culture limits their desire to express themselves. Nonetheless, not everyone in Nigeria is in support of putting a stop to some traditions and it shows in the reactions to Lisa Kanu's video on Facebook:

Okehielem Cyprian Chiemezie

Nne you are 100% right. But this message can only be assimilated by those from a respectful family with sound and well-refined parental upbringing.

Aku Osuagwu Inyama

My sister, I love watching all your videos but this one is not really necessary. Change the topic pls.

Philip Onwubiko

Good old days! Let's go back to it and have a lasting marriage

Njide-Adinnu Mkparu

It all depends on couples. Some marriages are boring, others are lively. Messing or farting competition gives me and my husband great laughter.

Prince Nelly

it is a taboo for wives to fart in their husband's presence

Only those with good home upbringing, those who know how to tie akwa judge, those who know what the market days in Igbo land means, those who know that when men go to farm women make good dishes and bring for workers are those who will understand all you say here. But if na these ones who smoke weed...

Pius Monye

My dear, you are adorable and l stand with tradition knowing that it should be respected. Well said.

Chinonso Igboanugo

Please young men should take note of this beautiful sister. I can see some of the needed qualities and materials in her.

Nkeiruka Osuagwu Uba

The man is simply not ready for better or for worst. Therefore he needs married tutorials period.

Samson Nnaemezie

Thank you, beautiful sister. Don't mind the indomie generation that called it civilisation in other to exercise power over a Man.

Nkombe Onuwabhagbe

People just come out these days to say all manner of things. What is this all about? One man's meat is another man's poison.

Chidera Greatness Emejulu

The post feels like she's trying to get the attention of plenty igbo men. The post would have made sense if she had discussed the major traditional issues that now affect marriages. The women you are giving these lectures okwa the same women who wake up earlier than men to go and fend for their share of the bills at home if not the whole bills? Our mothers and grandmas had plenty of time to kneel up and down because their men were men and they were treated like women.


When Lisa Kanu made the video saying it is a taboo for wives to fart in their husband's presence, she must have expected a reaction. However, she claimed that when it's a man who farts, the woman should praise her husband for doing that. In modern relationships, mutual respect is a key factor. Because, regardless of gender, everyone deserves respect. Marriage to a partner who is dominant often has negative consequences. Love is not a military drill. Love is a partnership, friendship and joy in each other's company.

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