BB9Naija 2019: Tacha Is The First Housemate To Be Disqualified

BB9Naija 2019: Tacha Is The First Housemate To Be Disqualified

Tacha was disqualified because of her fight with fellow housemate, Mercy. However, this wasn't her first fight in the house, her entitled behaviour was highly criticized by viewers. What role can parents play in making sure they raise children who understand how to build great relationships.

On Friday, Tacha became the first housemate to be disqualified from the BBNaija 2019 Pepperdem. This came as a result of her altercation with Mercy. Although Mercy provoked her by flipping hair in her face, Tacha’s retaliation by dragging Mercy’s hair was counted as violence. There is a strict rule of no violence in the Big Brother house and as such, no housemate should lay hands on a fellow housemate during a heated argument.

Mercy was granted 2 strikes by Big Brother while Tacha was sent home. Tacha’s leaving caused uproar on social media for various reasons. For her fans, Tacha Titans, it was an unfair move. However, she had consistently had issues with every other housemate. This made her a consistently trending topic on social media and a source for analysis.

Public Response To Tacha Being Disqualified From BBNaija 2019.

tacha has been disqualified from bbnaija 2019

Tacha, who was already an Instagram star before going into the house, had a lot of support and equal animosity. Based on popular commentary about her behaviour, her attitude was attributed to having lost her mother at a young age. It is assumed that not having guidance at such a young age is part of the reason she lacks emotional intelligence. Also, it was clear to everyone that she had a chance at winning this but her attitude was easily played on to goad her into flouting the violence rule.

On Sunday, according to tradition, housemates who were up for eviction would leave the house based on how viewers voted. Tacha beat every other housemate and would have made it to day 99 if she had simply walked away from that fight.

As a parent or guardian to a young child, who recognized Tacha’s entitled behaviour, it might be alarming if you consider how many saw nothing wrong with her behaviour in the house. It shows how much toxic behaviour is now considered normal, and why you have to play your part as a parent to raise wholesome kids.

How To Avoid Raising an entitled child

tacha has been disqualified from bbnaija 2019

Most behaviour that adults display were formed at a young age. Therefore, to curb this tendency, parents have to make sure they play their role to nurture them into adults who can face life’s challenges. These are some steps parents can take to avoid raising children with toxic behaviour.

  1. Don’t Support Bad Behaviour:

When a child steps out of line, do not boil it down to “just being a child.” The more excuses you make for their bad behaviour, the more they would repeat it. This is because they know that they will get away with it. Also, kids are not always clear about what is wrong and what is right. This is why the responsibility is on the adult to make it clear why being rude, for instance, is a no-no. Do not encourage any excesses.

  1. Set Clear Rules:

It is important to set age-appropriate rules for children. This will make it clear that there are behaviours they should or should not exhibit. For instance, you can make it clear that they should add please before making any request.

  1. Encourage Them To Work Hard:

Some rules guide this world. Especially, there is dignity in labour. Even if as a parent you are willing to provide everything on a platter of gold, to enable them to navigate this world, you must teach them how to honourably work for themselves. People might gift them things, but for the most part, they have to take care of themselves. Instead of giving them monetary gifts, sometimes, set out tasks for them and pay them for a job well done

  1. Teach them how to have conversations:

Everything does not have to be a war. Encourage them to have intelligent conversations. By speaking openly and clearly about their feelings, it teaches them how to communicate effectively instead of resorting to violence.

  1. Allow them to make mistakes:

They are your beloved kids, but they are human too. When they make mistakes, encourage them to fix it instead of covering up for them. If they are rude to someone, instead of defending your child’s behaviour, encourage them to go and apologise for their misbehaviour.

Parenting is not an easy-breezy task, but it is worthwhile and rewarding to see your babies grow up into responsible adults. As a parent, you have to play your part in nurturing them.

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Lydia Ume