Zimbabwe Woman Tererai Trent Say She Dey 'Humbled' With Her Statue For New York

Zimbabwe Woman Tererai Trent Say She Dey 'Humbled' With Her Statue For New York

Dem don launch one statue of one  Zimbabwe akada woman, Tererai Trent for New York. Na for Women's Equality Day for August 26, 2019, dem launch di statue. Dem say di woman na one of di 10 most inspiring women for dis world.

Tererai Trent Tok Say She Dey Humbled No Be Small

She tell BBC say: “I dey veri humbled —I no fit believe am. You fit believe say na me dey for New York City? We know say 3% of statues in the city be woman. My great-grandmother, my grandmother, my mother — ha! — dem no for ever fit dream say dis kain tin fit happen.”


She write for Twitter say:

Her statue folow go up with some oda women own. Di women na media woman Oprah Winfrey, Hollywood star Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett. Dis woman also folow dey - conservationist Jane Goodall, with activist Janet Mock, and chemist Tracy Dyson. Den come add author Cheryl Strayed, and Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas.

Dem dey honour di women sake of say dem dey fight for gender equality for girls and women. Na for May 2019 dem first name dem di 'World’s top 10 most inspiring women’.

Make Una Know Small About Di Woman Tererai

When she bi pikin for Zimbabwe, dem no gree for Trent to go skool o. Dem say na becos she be woman. She tell BBC say:

“For di whole village, na only men sabi read and count, and many of di women no sabi. And some of dem brilliant no be small.


Di woman try make sure say she achieve her dream, she go school laslas.  Now she don get degree for Agric education. She still com get masters degree and PhD from College of Public Health for Western Michigan University.

Now, the dis akada woman don write book and she dey helep to give back. She dey helep woman and girls wey wan go school for village, make dem go. As she tok, “We get moral duty, those of us wey fit achieve our dreams, for help others to stand on top our shoulder make we sef give dem dat opportunity.”

Na Trent and di remaining nine women be di first people wey di artists dem go sculpt. Di artists na Australian artists Gillie and Marc Schattner. Dem choose di women through public vote wey dey part of their global campaign wey dem dey call Statues For Equality. Di campaign aim na to increase di statue of woman wey dey dis world.


Di artists dem tok say dem “hope say as di project expand, e go get bigger diversity of race, class, ability, sexual orientation and gender expression.”

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