The Best Free Learning Sites For Children.

The Best Free Learning Sites For Children.

More children have access to the internet than earlier generations. With the help of free online learning sites for kids, you can make sure that the time your child spends on the internet is fruitful and educative.

In this era of the internet, there's a wealth of knowledge online your kids can take advantage of. The internet offers numerous free online learning sites for kids. This has to be done with your guidance as a parent. There is a lot on the internet that is distracting. Some websites pose as educational but are a gaming website. And we all know how addictive gaming can be. Kids might just keep coming back for more.

So, with numbers comes a selection problem. Because there's a lot of educational websites for kids online parents might struggle to sift through looking for what is good for their children. The trick is to find websites developed by teachers and not by engineers.

Free online learning sites for kids

free online learning sites for kids

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is free for kids looking to learn at a pace that suits them, helping with plucking the gaps in their understanding and enhancing learning. Their library covers math, science, and more. They offer downloadable programs for children age two to six

 Looking for fun educational games? is here just for that purpose. They offer a teacher-designed learning experience for preschoolers through to nursery schoolers. Your kids can learn everything including reading comprehension, fractions, basic coding, and a lot more.learning sites for kids

 E-learning for kids is just what you need if you're looking for your kids to learn in other languages other than English. E-learning for kids provides free and fun curriculum-based primary education to all children around the world. They offer lessons in Math, Science, Computer Skills, and environmental skills.

Turtlediary offers so much in terms of variety for your kids to choose from. From sports and stories to games and toddler videos. They offer printable worksheets, English lessons suitable for nursery and primary schoolers.



Coursera is a for-profit educational organization that provides thousands of courses including educational materials for your kids. What is unique about Coursera is that they work and collaborate with schools to bring these courses to your kids. Plus if your kids are looking to improve their English writing skills, this is the place for them.

Africa parent free online learning site

As the name implies, lingo kids are big on helping kids improve their English vocabulary. Lingokids utilize fun activities like vocabulary games, spelling games, phonics games, flashcards and memory games. All the games are carefully chosen to teach kids English effectively.

 Funbrain has something for every kid between 1—13 years. Fun brain offers educational contents that are designed to be highly interactive and fun. They boast of hundreds of games and activities, and they have free books for your kids to read.


National Geographic Kids

There are not a lot of kids who don't love animals. Though the contents provided in Natgeokids are for kids from 10 and up. With this website, your kids can learn a lot about the world around them. There's information about dinosaurs, space mission and a lot more. You might say it's an online magazine for kids.


Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture is like a window into the world for your kids. It has a "places" feature where you can search for Nigeria and any other countries your kids might be interested in. The site displays some of Nigeria's arts, culture and history.

Childrenslibrary is especially for children big on reading. Or parents who are looking to cultivate the habit of reading in their children. They provide high-quality children's books in different languages including Farsi, Arabic, Danish, Afrikaans, English, and more. These books are suitable for children from age 1—13.



When looking for educational websites for your children, also check how much the site is moderated. Check for their security certificate in the address bar. If you see “Http” before the web address then you're good to go.

Finally, you don't want adult content popping up as your children learn. So make sure to install monitoring software that filters adult content. And go for websites that require the parent to sign up for their child.

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