The Joys of Motherhood: Beautiful Gifts Wrapped In Sacrifice

The Joys of Motherhood: Beautiful Gifts Wrapped In Sacrifice

Motherhood is surreal. In spite of wanting to be the coolest mum, it's hard not to yell or give threats of spanking once in a while. Yet, despite the endless moments of worry and frustration, motherhood is full of priceless joyful moments. Ones you never want to forget.  The joys of motherhood begin with having a child in your womb. Then there’s the excuse to eat everything. After that, even just the sound of your baby’s laughter can make your day. The joys are countless and the memories last forever.

For some mommies, it is joy in that first moment you see your newborn's sleepy little face. For another mummy, it's the first time your daughter draws a picture of the two of you holding hands. Or that moment you look at your spouse and realize you're travelling side by side in the greatest adventure of your lives. Pure, exquisite, unbounded joy.

The Joys of Motherhood: Beautiful Gifts Wrapped In Sacrifice

What Are The Joys Of Motherhood To You?

It's hard to list the joys of motherhood.they are innumerable, and at times overwhelming. However, the best moments are often the small ones. Those fleeting wonders that might seem insignificant to others. But they sneak up on you and make you realize, in one quick breath, how simple and beautiful love can be.

Personally, some of my joys of motherhood moments are:

  • The day-to-day events that define motherhood. My nine-month-old crawls nudges me awake at 6 am, when he wants his early morning dose of nursing. It doesn't matter that I've only had one hour of sleep. I'm only too happy to oblige him.
  • It's how he calls me "mama" one minute, "mummy" the next minute, and "baby" the next.
  • Seeing firsthand, the milestones in my child’s life (first steps, first words). It’s having someone who wants to laugh like mommy, walk like mommy, talk  like mommy all the time.  It’s how much I anticipate the way I'll rejoice he's finally toilet-trained.
  • Most important of all, it’s knowing the meaning of unconditional love.

the joys of motherhood

What Some Moms Term The Joys of Motherhood

There is nothing more fulfilling for a mother than to see that she has raised her children who are assets to society. One of the greatest joys is being quickly and easily forgiven for not being a perfect mom. When your children giggle at your jokes right after a scolding, your heart could just melt.

The list could go on and on... And, someday, when you look back on your children's childhood, the memories will linger on and on. Whether it's a few sweet words, a fleeting giggle, or a new adventure that you share together. Your mommy moments will provide more joy than you ever imagined possible. Somehow, they even make up for your son using your iPhone as a chew toy.

What are the joys of motherhood moments you have experienced? Share with us in the comments.

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