The Sexual Revolution: Bring It On!

The Sexual Revolution: Bring It On!

The pleasure revolution or the sex revolution has thankfully, blessed women with the boldness to demand acceptable sex. The days of settling are now over.

As the world evolves, several revolutions are taking place, on our journey to utopia. The equality revolution gave rise to the sexual revolution, because gender equality is incomplete without sexual equality. The sexual revolution has in turned birthed the pleasure revolution. Quite simply, the pleasure revolution is the woman embracing her rights to as many orgasms as she wants. Because that's what men have.

The need for a pleasure revolution is seen in an overseas experiment involving university students nationwide. The study found that 91 percent of men and only 39 percent of women orgasm during sex. Sadly, this figure is lower in relationship, sex, and higher in casual sex relations. In bringing this home, the figure is even lower, because of cultural inhibitions. Clearly, there's an orgasm gap.

Reasons For The Sexual Pleasure Gap Between Men And Women

The Sexual Revolution: Bring It On!

Women not getting clitoral stimulation, especially in casual sex, is a major reason for the orgasm gap. This leads to a more nuanced question: Why aren’t women getting the stimulation they need?

Ignorance of the Clitoris

The first reason is ignorance of the clitoris, fueled by our sex education system. When we teach sex education, emphasis is placed on the internal sexual organs and the roles they play in procreation. Nobody really talks about the clitoris and the pleasure power house that it is. This is why many mistakenly believe that women orgasm from intercourse alone. In actuality, only a minority can.


This has somehow sold us on the lie that the woman's sexual pleasure is not as important as the man's. So even the woman finds herself sacrificing her pleasure on the alter for her man's.

Cultural Suppressions

Culturally, a sexually assertive or aware woman is a promiscuous woman. For this reason, many women suppress their desire for sexual pleasure. They don't want to be slut-shamed. And the pleasure gap widens even further.

The Pleasure Revolution: Bridging The Orgasm Gap

The Sexual Revolution: Bring It On!

Well, we must all agree that what's good for the men is good for the women. In bridging the pleasure gap, women need to do the following:

Learn Their Bodies

Dear women, you need to know your body, especially the clitoris. It is your major pleasure organ. Understand how it works. This is the first step to demanding sexual pleasure. If women don’t expect pleasure, they will tolerate pain. We need to teach women to feel entitled to sexual pleasure.

Begin A Reform Of Sex Education

Sex education should include sexual pleasure awareness. It should include knowledge of orgasms, masturbation and other sexual acts. When you know what you want, then you can ask for it.

Information on pleasure, masturbation, the clitoris and orgasm is taught in commonly used sex education programs in Dutch schools. So is information on abstinence, birth control, consent, communication, sexual decision-making, and the difference between porn and real sex. The Dutch have lower pregnancy and STI rates, and three times less sexual violence than the U.S.

Protect your power of consent

The Sexual Revolution: Bring It On!

The power of consent is much more than allowing him access to your body. Consent also empowers one to communicate one’s desires to others. And because you gave consent, your partner respects your desires more. This makes it less likely to be coerced, or to coerce others, into unwanted sex.

Dear women, female sexual pleasure is a fundamental right that we won’t surrender. So go get it. It’s your right.

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