Things to buy when expecting a baby in Nigeria

Things to buy when expecting a baby in Nigeria

The excitement of becoming a mom can make you forget to get the essential things you need for your baby. This is especially true for first-time moms. However, to make sure you have everything ready for when your precious bundle arrives, here’s a list of things to buy when expecting a baby.

things to buy when expecting a baby

1. Baby clothes - things to buy when expecting a baby

Shopping for baby clothes is easier when you know the baby’s sex beforehand. Nevertheless, you can still buy unisex clothes if you haven’t confirmed whether you’re having a boy or a girl.

The types of baby clothes to buy include:

• Onesies
• Cardigans
• Baby singlets
• Baby bodysuits
• Socks
• Shorts
• T-shirts
• Lightweight baby mittens

2. Bathing essentials

The baby will have bath-time items separate from the rest of the family. There are things to buy when expecting a babyto make it easier to bath your baby. In Nigeria, baby bath items usually come in sets, but you should check to make the set includes:

• Bathtub
• Potty
• Laundry basket
• Bucket
• Soap dish
• Bowl
• Plastic stool for mom
• Cotton bud case
• Cup

3. Baby hygiene and skincare products

A baby’s skin is much too tender for adult products, so you’ll have to shop for baby products from reputable baby care brands. You don’t want to hurt your baby by using fakes or items that are not safe for children. Tips for shopping for the right baby skin care items are:

• Buy talc-free baby powder—talc can be dangerous for newborns
• Natural products are the best for babies
• Look for products that don’t have paraben of phthalate, as these chemicals can seriously harm your baby
For hygiene and skincare, things to buy when expecting a babyinclude:
• Baby lotion
• Baby oil
• Baby powder
• Petroleum jelly
• Baby soap or shower gel
• Baby wipes
• Diapers
• Diaper rash ointment
• Soft bathing foam or sponge
• Soft bathing towels
• Baby shampoo

things to buy when expecting a baby

4. Baby feeding equipment essentials – things to buy when expecting a baby

These baby feeding items will make feeding time easier for your baby:

• Soft spout cup
• Big hot water Flasks
• Bib
• Feeding bottles
• Breast pumps (for mums)
• Baby food warmer
• Nursing pillow
• Squeeze feeder with spoon
• Sterilizer for utensils
• Pacifier
• Electric bottle warmer

5. Baby beddings

A newborn will rob you of your precious night’s sleep. Moms all over the world know that when the baby hasn’t yet grown to the stage of sleeping through the night, the momma will suffer the most. Helping your baby sleep longer will require getting these things to buy when expecting a baby.

• Cot
• Baby mosquito net
• Baby mattress
• Bed sheets
• Soft blankets to cover the mattress
• Lightweight blanket to wrap the baby
• Baby monitor

6. Baby outing and travel gear

There are things to buy when expecting a babythat will help you when you take the baby to the hospital or to visit friends and family. Some of these things include:

• Rear-facing car seat
• Baby outing bag (large enough to contain clothes, diapers, feeding bottles, etc.)
• Small towels
• Pram
• Umbrella
• Wet wipes

It is very easy to get carried away while baby shopping, which could mean you end up buying the things you don’t need and forgetting the things to buy when expecting a baby. Hopefully, our list will show you where to start shopping.

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Written by

Julie Adeboye