Research: Wetin Be The Correct Way For Take Space Your Pikin Dem

Research: Wetin Be The Correct Way For Take Space Your Pikin Dem

The study confirm say e no matter your age, to carry another belle quick quick after you just born dey very risky for the mama and the pikin wey dey your belle.

Mama, so you don dey desire to carry another belle? You no suppose rush to carry another belle because e dey get some bad effect for your health. Na science confirm am and e never tey wen people wey dey do research find out wen be the right time wey another belle suppose enter wey no go affect your health. In short, to space your pikindem dey very good.

Study don confirm the best time to carry another belle

space your pikin

World Health Organisation (WHO) talk say make mama dem dey put gap of 18-24 months from one belle to another one. But people wey dey do research don see sey dat one no mata.

Dem finding show say, nor do nor do, 12 months na de smallest gap wey mama suppose give before she carry another belle.  To dey wait for one year before dem mama allow another belle to enta go help mama and pikin to dey kampe. 

To dey get another belle too quick wen e never tey (before 12 months) wen mama just born one dey carry risk follow body. De risk be say mama fit born pikin wey never strong, pikin wey she go born fit dey too small, de mama even fit die. 

Dr Wendy Norman na senior madam for the study. She see sey d result wey follow de research go help encourage all dem mama wey don pass 35 for age and wey like to born more pikin.

Dr Wendy talk sey na de first time be dis wey dem older mama get correct evidence wey go help guide as dem suppose space their pikin. To achieve de one year gap no suppose hard dem women to do and e go help reduce risk of kasala for childbirth.

For de recent research, dem don see say nor do nor do, we suppose give 12 month gap before we born another pikin.

Wetin be de main tin wey de study find?

space your pikin

De study gada analyse 150,000 women wey born for Canada. Na University of British Columbia (UBC) and Harvard’s TH Chan School of Public Health conduct de research.

De researcher dem publish deir result inside de Journal wey dem call JAMA Internal Medicine. 

We don summarise wetin dem see wen mama get another belle before 12 months after she don born.:

  • Age no matter. E dey risky for all woman to get another belle if the gap never reach one year.
  • But, risk for de mama different according to her age o. Dem mama wey don over 35 get more risk for dem health if dem quick born another pikin. De risk for dem pikin wey dem never born dey happen for all women, na dem wey dey between 20 and 34 years dey get de risk pass.
  • Mama wey old pass 35 wey go carry another belle six month after she don born get like 1.2% risk to get injury or die. De risk go reduce by 0.5% if de woman no get belle for like 18 month after she don born one.
  • As oppose to de result wey dey up, dem woman wey dey younger we go carri another belle six month after dem born before get like 8.5% risk to get injury or to die. De risk come drop down to 3.7% if dem get another belle after 18 months wen dem don born before.

“Las las, na de woman dey choose”

Research: Wetin Be The Correct Way For Take Space Your Pikin Dem

Laura Schummers, wey be de oga for the study. She talk sey dem study point out sey de risk for de mama and pikin increase wen mama quick carry belle after she don born one before. Even for woman dem wey don pass 35. 

Schummers come emphasize sey dese dem finding dey more important for dem older woman, as dose ones dey like to dey leave small gap if dem wan born and dem dey do am on purpose.

Mandy Forrester, wey come from de Royal College of Midwives, make comment about the research say the important research help support dem findings before before about gap wey suppose dey wen we dey born. But, she come still point am out sey, las las, na woman dey choose how many month she wan give before she go get another belle, e no mata her age. Wetin dey important be sey dem get the correct info about evidence wey dey wey support de correct time from one belle to another gap wey dem suppose dey give.

Other things wey go help reduce belle risk

space your pikin 

Before you get belle: prenatal care

  • Chop beta food wey get balance diet and dey drink liquid wella. Dis one also include calories wey balance, carbohydrates, protein and fibres. Choose wholemeal carbs instead of dem refined grains like white rice. You suppose add up folic acid, wey dey inside leafy vegetables (ugwu and dem other green). Load up with iron and calcium, too!
  • Avoid cigarettes, alcohol and harmful substances.
  • Take drinks wey no get plenty caffein like tea or cola, as dem fit make am longer before you get belle. But green tea no join sha.
  • No try out dem new fad diet, dem fit affect your ovulation and dat one fit affect as you go take get belle.
  • Go for your first prenatal visit. Na dere, doctor go fit test if any potential health issue dey wey you fit get and how to take manage am.

When you don carry belle

  • Always dey chop food wey dey healthy like spinach (foliate), fruits (vitamins and fibre), and milk (calcium) e go help your body to dey kampe.
  • Dey try waka small small, dat kain small and slow waka go help your blood to circulate wella. No be only dat, fresh air wey go gada for outside go help improve your mood. Go beach or park wey dey quiet make you enjoy some peace wey go calm your mind.
  • Run for housework wey involve:
    • harsh or strong chemicals
    • cleaning fans, ceilings, or windows
    • washing dishes
    • carrying heavy tins
    • mopping, sweeping and vacuuming
    • cleaning up after pets
  • Nor near some kain food, especially:
    • any raw or undercooked meat (including pates, sausages, cold cuts, poultry, sashimi, sushi, fish, rare meat)
    • raw eggs and dem products, like hollandaise sauce, mayonnaise, poached eggs
    • big fish wey contain mercury like shark, marlin, tuna and mackerel.
    • unclean fruits and vegetable wey dem never rinse or stain dey dem body.

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Tony S Abiodun