How Tiger Nuts Can Help Men And Women Boost Fertility

How Tiger Nuts Can Help Men And Women Boost Fertility

Trying to conceive? Adding tiger nuts can help men and women boost fertility.

Tiger nuts can be found in many parts of Nigeria. Already, they are popular around the world for their ability to boost sex drive. Nigeria is one of the countries in which tiger nuts rank high in the “ability to boost sex drive index”. In different researches, you’d find tiger nuts and fertility a lot in the same sentence. The northern part of Nigeria refers to tiger nuts as Aya , while the eastern part calls it Aki awusa. In addition, the eastern part of Nigeria refers to it as Ofio. Also, tiger nuts can be consumed in different ways: can be eaten alone, as tiger nut pancakes, bread, or simply blended into a beverage known as kunun aya in the Northern part of Nigeria. 

Tiger nuts and fertility

tiger nuts and fertility

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 Tiger nuts are known scientifically as cyperus esculentus. Researchers in Nigeria have shown how tiger nuts help fertility, both in females and males. They found that tiger nuts can boost gonadotropins, testosterone, and sperm count. Consequently, tiger nuts have been called superfood in many quarters. When you think of these superfoods, think magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin C, phosphorus, iron, oleic acid, calcium. All of these are contained in tiger nut. Some of these vitamins and nutrients are known to aid fertility in both men and women. 

How tiger nuts boost fertility in women

tiger nuts and fertility

  • More production of oestrogen

The female hormone known as oestrogen aids the development of the female reproductive system. Also, it is responsible for regulating sex characteristics (secondary) including breasts, thickening of the endometrium, and menstrual cycle. And the methanolic content of tiger nut boosts the level of oestrogen. 

  • Source of vitamin E and antioxidants 

A reduction in ovulation is the chief reason why older women have problems getting pregnant. Ovulation is the period during which a woman is at her most fertile. The vitamin E contained in tiger nuts help the return of normal menstruation so that ovulation can be as recurrent as it is supposed to be. There’s more. Vitamin E helps in maintaining the placenta during pregnancy. 

  • More production of breastmilk 

After delivery women need a lot of breastmilk to feed and pass nutrients to the baby. And tiger nuts does just that. It boosts the production of breastmilk. Hajiya Jummai Abdul, a nutritionist at the Wuse General Hospital Abuja, told Vanguardngr of the many benefits of tiger nuts. Apart from the fact that black species of tiger nuts combat lumps and breast cancer, she advised nursing mothers to eat it after delivery for its ability to increase breast milk. 

How tiger nuts boost fertility in men

tiger nuts and fertility

  • Boosts sperm count

Research carried out on rats have found that injecting quercetin over seven days period increased sperm quality in rats. Therefore, vitamin E contained in tiger nuts improves sperm count, motility, and quality. 

  • More production of testosterone 

After taking tiger nuts, testosterone levels have risen in men. Testosterone is a male sex hormone. This increase is attributed to the presence of vitamin and zinc in tiger nuts. 

  • Prevents erectile dysfunction 

Tiger nut is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. This is important in the prevention of plaque accumulation in the arteries while increasing blood flow to the testicles. 


If you’re having problems with fertility, it is safe to say that tiger nuts may not be all the solution you need to reproduce. Therefore, it is wise to see your doctor for further diagnosis. 

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