Yu Wan Born Twins? See How Yu Fit Increase Yur Chance

Yu Wan Born Twins? See How Yu Fit Increase Yur Chance

Though yu no fit control weda yu go fit conceive twins, ways dey wen yu fit use take improve yur chances.

To get belle with twins dey challenging for plenti women, especialli if twins no dey yur lineage. E no get any way wen fit show yu how to get belle with twins, but yu fit improve yur chance sey yu get belle with twins.

How to get belle with twins: Steps wen yu fit take increase yur chances

Make we see how dem take dey get twins belle first.

If na fraternal twins, ovulation wen go happen during sex go pass one be dat. Two or more eggs need to dey fertilised.

For identical twins matta, na one egg dey fertilise but e go divide enta two parts. Yu fit get belle for fraternal or identical twins even if yu no use fertiliti drugs.

Sex positions fit help?

getting pregnant with twins

Minus say yu try fertiliti treatments or get twins for yur famili, sex position sef fit help yu increase yur chance to get twins.

For am to happen, sperm must release nia di cervix.

Na wetin make pipo dey try di effectiveness of sex positions like:

  • Side by side. For dis position, di woman go bend go front while her partna go enta am from back.
  • Missionary position. E fit be di simplest, common position wen dey popular, not onli becos e dey comfortable, but becos e dey allow di sperm find di eggs without stress.
  • Standing position.  E get one position wen dem dey call door jam position, una go face each oda, den use di door take support una sef. With one side wen dey support yur back, raise one leg, so yur hubby go fit penetrate yu. E no onli dey give una pleasure, e dey allow deep penetration wen go improve di likelihood of twins wen yu get belle.

Although science neva get proof for any of dese sex positions, e dey easy to see why pipo believe sey e dey work.

No forget say na wen more dan one egg fertilize na im go make yu get twins!

Oda factors wen fit influence twins na

getting pregnant with twins

Previous study been show sey woman diet dey influence her abiliti to get twins belle. Researchers talk sey women wen dey chop dairi products for dia food get high chance to get belle with twins.

Of course, if yu get twins for yur famili line na factor sef.

Wetin dey interesting na sey women wen dey dia thirties get high chance to get pass one pikin at di same time. Di reason be sey women dey release plenti eggs during ovulation as dem dey grow old.

Yu Wan Born Twins? See How Yu Fit Increase Yur Chance

Anoda study  wen dem publish for Journal of Reproductive Medicine, claim sey women wen tall dey likeli to get twins belle.

No lose hope if yu realli want multiple births!

Just rememba sey di onli thing wen count be sey yu get healthi belle, no matter how many pikin yu bring come dis world!

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Anino Aganbi