Covid-19: To Prevent Coronavirus Infection See some Safeti Tips

Covid-19: To Prevent Coronavirus Infection See some Safeti Tips

For Africa now, e good make efiri body do wetin he fit do, make we fit reduce di way wen Covid-19 dey spread all ova di world.

As dem dey reveal di numba of pipo wen dem suspect and don confirm sey get de novel coronavirus around di world, time don reach make efiri body start to take betta step to prevent di way wen dis virus take dey spread. Na wetin make us don write dis tips to show how yu how to prevent coronavirus infection.

From Wuhan, China wia e first start for 2019, to far countries like USA and Phillippines, di numba of pipo wen don dey affected plenti, and dose wen don die on top dis virus matta don pass 4,000 pipo.

Dem sey na virus SARS-CoV-2 na im di disease come from. Last month,World Health Organization call am COVID-19, wen be coronavirus disease 19. Even as pipo dey panic reach on top dis virus head, yu no fit catch  SARS-CoV-2 unless yu don waka jam person wen get di virus.

See as yu fit protect yurself if yu neva get di virus; and di way wen yu fit help yurself make yu no dey spread di virus if yu don alreadi catch am.

To Prevent Coronavirus Infection Make Yu No dey Affected

preventing coronavirus infection

Yu don dey hia make yu wash hand well well. But wetin yu fit neva hia na sey e get as yu need to wash yur hand well and na to use soap take wash yur hand under water wen dey run reach 20 seconds. How 20 seconds take be, e just be like sey yu dey sing ABC...”

See some tips wen yu fit use take prevent am:

  • No use yur dirti hand take touch yur nose, face or mouth.
  • If yu don dey feel sick, or get cold or symptom of flu, no commot from ya house.
  • Make yu give any bodi wen dey cough or sneeze reach 3 feet gap.
  • Use di inside of yur elbow take cova yur mouth if yu dey cough/sneeze.
  • Throway any toilet roll wen yu don use sharp sharp.
  • Use disinfectant take clean anything wen yu dey use efiri time. Weda na laptop, phone, door handle, even cutleri.

Once di virus don develop for person bodi, e fit spread from one person to anoda through cough or sneeze. Wen dat kine thing happen, di virus dey spread with saliva wen commot wen person sneeze and yu go come breathe am enta yur bodi, na dia di virus go come turn infection.

Yu fit don hear sey coronavirus be like common cold or seasonal flu, e dey deadli pass dem. Na efiri day na im doktor dey learn new things about dis virus .  So far, wetin we sabi be say yu no go quick sabi sey yu get am. . E fit don dey yur bodi reach 2 days or up to 2 weeks before yu start to see any sign of am.

Some common signs wen yu fit see with covid-19 na:

  • Yu go dey short of breath.
  • Cough go serious pass before as time dey go.
  • low feva wen di temperature go start to high.

Dem still dey investigate di full symptom wen corona virus dey carri.

How To Prevent  Oda Pipu Make Dem No Get Di Infection From Yu If Yu Get Am.


E get some things wen yu need to do wen yu get covid-19. Yu go need medical care, but first go state hospital make dem check yu. Between wen yu suspect and wen dem do di test, make yu lock yurself inside yur house. Na self quarantine dem dey call dat one. E mean sey yu go stay house, no go wia plenti pipo dey; and if yu wan sneeze, sneeze for di inside of yur elbow. Odawise yu go spread am give pipo wen dey around yu. Betta respiratory hygiene go protect pipo wen dey around yu and di virus no go dey spread.

Once yu see sey yu no well, stay inside house. If yu see sey yu don dey get any of di signs dem, quick call for medical attention. And e good make yu follow di directions wen local health authorities dem give yu. So to prevent coronavirus infection make e no dey spread, stay inside yur house.

Authorities wen dey National and local level get correct information about wetin dey happen for yur area. So quick call dem make dem for fit direct yu give di correct health centre. Dis one go protect yu and e no go make di infection spread.

Follow yur doktor talk if yu think sey yu get Covid-19 or yu dey see some sign of am. Na yur doktor go fit give yu guidance about wetin to do next.

If dem need to do test, lab technician go take sample of yur blood or use cotton swab take saliva from di back of yur throat. Na dis sample dem go use take check weda yu get di virus or not.

Prevention, treatment and complicationpreventing coronavirus infection

For now, treatment neva dey for am, so na how to prevent coronavirus infection dem still dey do, but dem don dey see weda cure fit dey for am.  Instead, di treatment wen dey na make yu fit manage di symptom till di virus fit run him course.

Oda coronavirus like SARS and MERS get dia vaccine and treatment. Some of dia treatment na:

  • antiviral or retroviral medications
  • machine for breathing
  • steroids wen go help reduce any swelling wen dey yur lungs.
  • blood plasma transfusions

Di most serious complication wen  SARS-CoV-2 infection get na one kine pneumonia wen dem call: 2019 novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia (NCIP).

Result from one 2020 study wen dem do for 138 pipo wen dem admit for hospital inside Wuhan, China talk sey 26% of pipo wen dem admit for di hospital get NCIP and dem need to treat dem for intensive care.

About 4.3% of di pipo wen dey Intensive care die becos of dis kine pneumonia wen dem link to corona virus. Researchers talk sey na some complications wen pipo wen get di virus dey see be dis:

  • acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
  • heartbeat no dey regular (arrhythmia)
  • cardiovascular shock
  • serius pain for dia muscle (myalgia)
  • fatigue
  • heart fit damage or dem go get heart attackIf you see sign any of the COVID-19 symptoms, make you call any of these NCDC numbers.
    • Toll-Free Number: 0800 9700 0010
    • Whatsapp: +234708 711 0839
    • SMS Number: +234809 955 5577

    Make sure sey you no near anybody pass 3 feet and stay safe. You get question? Share am for inside the comments section

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