Here's why every parent should only read print books to their kids

Here's why every parent should only read print books to their kids

Reading with print books is so much BETTER than reading e-books on tablets.

One of the best things you can do to spend time with your children is to read to them. Toddler reading benefits not only their imagination but also their speech, brain development and also bonding with the parent. Reading picture books is a natural act for toddlers as they are exploring their world every single day.

Our children are learning at a rapid rate at this age and it shapes their thinking and encourages role play. In the times we are living in right now, there are so many options available to us – ebooks, mobile apps, print books, etc.

Toddler reading benefits abound

While there are so many options available, recent research has proven that toddler reading benefits more by using old school print books rather than e-books. “The print book is really the gold standard in eliciting positive interactions between parents and their children,” said Dr Tiffany Munzer, the research’s first author and a fellow in developmental behavioural paediatrics at the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.

They studied 37 parent toddler pairs and gave them 5 minutes to read the Little Critter series in back-to-back sessions. These pairs were given 3 different formats to read in: a basic ebook, an enhanced ebook (with sound effects, animation and music), and an old school print book.

toddler reading benefits

Toddler reading benefits: Print books have a better impact than tablets.

The results showed that toddlers had more interactions with print books rather than tablets. They had more opportunity to include imagination, ask questions and engaged in conversation with their parents. They could also complete the book quicker and had a better attention span.

Those who used tablets were more distracted because their conversation was on figuring out how to swipe to the next page, waiting for it to load and which button to push, etc. The focus became more on using the gadget than actually reading the book. The toddler reading benefits using a print book encouraged more bonding with the parent and sharing of experiences together.

In my household, we have made it a habit to read before bedtime. The kids would pick their favourite book and we will spend a few minutes reading them. Sometimes we do one or two books depending on the time we have and then say a prayer before they lay down.

So what are the toddler reading benefits? What can it do for you and your child?

5 reading benefits in toddlers to take note of

  1. It helps to develop their brain, social skills and communication skills.
  2. Reading sparks their imagination and stimulates curiosity.
  3. It teaches them to identify sounds, words and literacy skills.
  4. They will value books and stories.
  5. It promotes bonding and develops a deeper relationship between you and your child.
toddler reading benefits

Toddler reading benefits: Reading to your child encourages imagination and bonding.

If you are a parent of toddlers, I highly encourage you to read with them. The toddler reading benefits may not be seen immediately, but the results will show in due time. Children are like sponges. They absorb the words, emotions and any other stimuli around them. Once their speech develops, you will start to see the fruits of your labour. So parents, it is a good idea to invest in old school print books, shelves and spend more time reading together.


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