Tom Brown Porridge: Wetin E Be And How Dem Dey Take Make Am

Tom Brown Porridge: Wetin E Be And How Dem Dey Take Make Am

Di way wen dis Tom Brown take dey so, no be onli pikin fit chop am o. Di fibre wen dey inside am go make yu belleful tey

Although to give yur pikin breast milk dey healthy well well, wen yu sabi sey yu wan stop to breast feed am. Dis na question wen dey come yur mind as mama. For mamas dem wen don dey worri wetin to give pikin wen he/she don stop to breastfeed, no fear, Tom Brown na di best food wen yu fit give yur pikin once yu don stop to give am breast.

Tom Brown Porridge: Wetin E Be And How Dem Dey Take Make Am

Wetin Be Tom Brown?

Tom brown na food wen dey nourishing and e dey belle full pikin well. And di thing wen come dey interesting be sey no be efiri time yu need to buy am for shop, yu fit make yur own for house. Tom Brown na mixture of plenti cereal(yellow corn, guinea corn with millet), soya beans and groundnut(legumes). Once yu don combine all dese things use, e get ogbonge nutritional benefit wen e go give yur pikin. So sometimes even wen e good make we dey buy pikin food wen na oyinbo pipo make, we sef suppose follow buy Pikin food brands wen dem make for naija

Who Else Fit Chop Am

Di way wen dis Tom Brown take dey so, no be onli pikin fit chop am o. Dis cereal dey good for pipo wen don grow, wen e be sey dem dey busy from morning reach night, na becos of dis dia busy schedule na im make dem dey quick commot for house before day break dey run go work. Na onli 5 minutes yu need to take cook dis one and e go save yu time since yu dey rush commot.

Becos of di content wen dey rich so, di fibre wen dey inside Tom Brown go make yu belleful tey and e go allow yu fit concentrate for di important work wen yu dey do.


Tom Brown Porridge: Wetin E Be And How Dem Dey Take Make Am

Di Ingredients wen yu need to fit make Tom Brown na:

  • Millet
  • Guinea corn
  • Yellow corn
  • Soyabeans
  • Groundnut

Additional Ingredients na:

  • Crayfish.
  • Dates (to take make am sweet if yu want)

Nutritional value wen dey inside am

  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Carbohydrate
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12 and plenti odas.

How Yu Fit Make Am:

If yu wan make Tom Brown by yurself inside house,  e no go make sense if yu use di same measurement for all di ingredient wen dey ground. Di Amount wen yu suppose use dey veri important.

See how yu fit take measure di Ingredients dem.

  • Yellow corn & Guinea corn(sorghum)  –  1 kg
  • Millet & Soya bean –  500g
  • Groundnut (peanuts) –  200g

To fit summarize am,

Corn (Yellow and guinea corn) go be complete measurement

Millet with soya beans go be half of di measurement wen yu go use for corn.

While groundnut no go reach half di measurement wen yu use for millet and soya beans.

Na all dese things wen yu don grind togeda as powder na im yu go cook for fire. No forget sey minus all di nutrient wen dey inside groundnut, na groundnut dey hold am togeda.

Tom Brown

See di steps wen yu go use take prepare yur ingredients dem:

  • Make yu buy corn wen dry for market, roast am inside pan till e start to pop like popcorn. Commot am make e come cold. (Yu fit fry corn and guinea corn togeda).
  • Next, make yu fry yur groundnut
  • Afta dat one, no forget to fry yur millet and soya beans. Na separateli yu go fry efiri thing.
  • Once yu don fry di soya beans, grind am with motar make yu for fit commot di shaft.
  • Allow every thing make dem cold.
  • If yu get blender, make yu use am take grind efiri thing togeda, odawise carry am go engine make dem grind. No forget sey na dry grinding o.
  • Finalli Yur Tom Brown don dey readi. No forget to put am for dry container, na from dia yu go dey cook am.

How Yu Fit Take Cook Am. 

If yu wan make Tom Brown…

  • Put enuf Tom Brown powda for bowl, make yu mix am with small wata. No go pour plenti wata put o
  • Put wata for fire make e boil, den yu fit pour yur Tom Brown put.
  • As yu dey pour am, no forget to use spoon take dey turn am, make e no for get lump inside am.
  • Yes o! Yur cereal don finali dey readi. Yu fit use am take feed pikin or even adult sef.

Health Benefit

Di thing wen Tom Brown dey do for bodi plenti sha. Na some of di things na im we dey show una so:

  • E dey help yu reduce cholesterol.
  • Na betta source of antioxidant wen dey fight free radical be dis.
  • Dey give yu betta eye sight.
  • Help yu control diabetes.
  • Dey reduce inflammation.
  • Help yu boost yur energi.
  • Help yu reduce high blood pressure.
  • Dey correct heart problem.


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Written by

Anino Aganbi