Toyin Abraham Baby Pictures Take Over social Media + Pros And Cons Of Sharing Family Photos Online

Toyin Abraham Baby Pictures Take Over social Media + Pros And Cons Of Sharing Family Photos Online

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has delivered a bouncing baby boy. Te news comes only days after news of her engagement to colleague Kolawole Ajeyemi.

Nollywood, Nigeria's movie industry celebrates as one of their own, "world best" Toyin Abraham has put to bed. Just days ago, Toyin welcomed her baby boy, with colleague and soon-to-be husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi. Her over 1 million Instagram followers are overjoyed as Toyin Abraham baby pictures have gone viral.

Iyabo Ojo, fellow Nollywood actress, took to Instagram to announce the news on Thursday last week. The actress was visibly excited as she thanked God for the safe delivery. She went on to announce that she is the grand godmother to the new baby.

Toyin Abraham Baby Pictures Take Over social Media + Pros And Cons Of Sharing Family Photos Online

Even though there were speculations about Toyin's pregnancy, nobody was really sure. This is because the actress always came out to debunk the rumours at different times.

Toyin Abraham Baby Pictures: The Actress Is Engaged!

toyin abraham baby pictures

Prior to this time, social media was awash with pre-wedding photos of the couple. These photos were repeatedly shared by close friends and colleagues of the Alakada actress. First to put up the photo of the newly wedded couple was Nkechi Blessing. The actress couldn't hide her joy over the union.

Next was actress Tayo Sobola. She not only shared a photo of the soon to be Mr and Mrs Ajeyemi, but added a prayer quote for the couple. The date for the wedding is still unknown. But from all indications, we just might be having a celebrity wedding in the coming days or weeks.

Toyin used to be married to actor Adeniyi Johnson. But the couple parted ways amid controversy on social media. Perhaps to avoid getting hurt a second time, the actress was quite secretive about her new relationship. That was until the pre-wedding photos hit social media.

Toyin herself has shared photos and a video of her pregnancy. She included a caption about motherhood that lets us know she is taking it all seriously.

Also, the excited new dad has shared a series of photos on social media. First of the couple, and of his fiancee in her maternity garb.

He simply captioned it, "with God all things are possible."

As a celebrity couple, being in the eye of the public means their privacy is limited. As such, there is only so much control they have over how much of their lives is in the public domain. This includes family photos and pictures of the newborn.

What is right? What is safe? And what is appropriate? Are there any benefits to sharing baby's photos on social media? Are there any disadvantages? Would you share photos of your newborn or your family online?

Let's consider the pros and cons of sharing your baby's photos online


Today’s parents face a new problem that generations before us have never had to go through. Parents in today's world must decide whether or not to share their baby’s milestones on social media. When it comes to deciding what's best to share online, no parenting style is correct or incorrect. Sometimes, you want to hear the pros and cons of each side. Keep reading to discover the pros and cons when it comes to sharing your baby’s milestone on social media.


  • You connect with other parents
  • The internet never forgets, so it is a sort of memory keeper
  • It helps to create conversations around parenting. If it takes a village to raise a child, social media is a global village.
  • You connect better with your extended family


  • There's a tendency to tilt toward the superficial
  • You risk attention from stalkers
  • You risk attracting negative comments from online bullies
  • Your kids don't have a say in the matter. Not very inclusive.

So, what do you think? More importantly, what would you do?

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