5 Traditional Easter Dinner Ideas To Try (VIDEO)

5 Traditional Easter Dinner Ideas To Try (VIDEO)

How are you preparing for Easter during this lockdown? We know it must be very challenging for a lot of families now. With Easter being one of the two major holidays for most Christians in Nigeria, it is usually a bubbly time. Normally, people would be creating traditional easter dinner ideas to entertain friends and family.

Sadly, the world is experiencing a challenge now caused by the pandemic. So, the best way we can show love to each other is to stay at home and practice social distancing. Whether you are alone or with family, we have created this list for you. This can give you ideas of what you can still cook to celebrate. Truly, cooking is quite therapeutic, and you can even have dinner with your far-away loved ones via video calls.

5 traditional Easter dinner ideas

traditional easter dinner

Each country has a different way of celebrating Easter, with its own set of customs, traditions and traditional dishes. Nigeria is blessed with diverse traditional dishes that are distinct to their zone within the country. Here are some you can add to your menu:

  • Semo and efo riro

Efo riro, traditional to the Yoruba people of western Nigeria, has come to be a popular dish you can easily find in many Nigerian households. There’s no reason why you and your family can’t enjoy this wonderful dish for dinner this easter. Efo riro makes appearances at weddings, owambes, naming ceremonies, parties and other ceremonies in Nigeria. It could be eaten as a stand-alone meal or with other things like rice, boiled plantain, fried plantain, yam etc.

  • Fish soup (obe eja)

Nigeria is one of the countries with the richest traditional dishes in the world and obe eja would be a wonderful dish for Easter dinner. Obe eja is made with raw, steamed or fried/grilled fish and can be paired with yam, bread, boiled rice, potatoes and plantain. Use any fish of your choice, but Hake fish is ideal for this soup because it’s firm and has a delightful taste. However, if you can’t find Hake you can use catfish or tilapia if you can endure the bones.

  • Nigerian jollof rice with vegetables

jollof rice

There’s no home or social gathering in Nigeria where jollof rice doesn’t make an appearance regularly. If there’s such a thing as king of Nigerian foods, then jollof rice easily takes the crown. That’s how much we love jollof rice is in these parts, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t make an appearance on your dinner table this Easter. However, on this occasion, you can spice it up with vegetables such as carrots, green beans, peas, cabbage and green bell peppers.

  • Tuwon shinkafa and miyan karkashi

Miyan karkashi is a delightful and nutritious classic that has its origin in the northern part of Nigeria. Tuwon shinkafa is a kind of swallow from mashed rice, while miyan karkashi is made from fresh or dry sesame leaves. When preparing, the leaves are dried and ground into powder and used to thicken the soup. The soup doesn’t need any oil, palm or vegetable, due to the leaf’s slimy nature. Also, to preserve the sliminess, you have to avoid washing by hitting the leaves on a tray or your palm to remove any sand in them.

  • Ofada rice and stew/sauce


ofada rice

Image: Foodies By Mina

Ofada stew, known to the Yoruba as Ayamase, is a Nigerian traditional stew popular for its delicious taste. Green peppers, red peppers, assorted meat, dried fish, palm oil and maggi combine magically to produce ofada stew. However, because bleaching palm oil is unhealthy, you should consider combining half cup of palm and half cup of vegetable oil. For the ofada rice itself, you should try to check it for stones or dirt, though the quality has generally improved.

  • Adalu

Adalu is also known as beans and corn pottage, a delicious blend of sweet corn and stewed beans. To cook adalu, add palm oil into cooked beans and corn, or fry blended pepper in palm oil and then add it to the boiled beans to have a complete dish. Your family will be in for a treat this Easter because the corn brings a certain sweetness that combines so well with the beans.

We hope one of these Easter dinner ideas bring you and your family some merriment this Easter.

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Lydia Ume