Comfortable And Stylish Traditional Maternity Tops For African Mums

Comfortable And Stylish Traditional Maternity Tops For African Mums

What do you need in a maternity dress? See pictures of the perfect maternity tops.

In the midst of the high and lows of pregnancy, an uncomfortable dress is definitely something pregnant women do not want to be bothered with. During this beautiful season of life, traditional maternity tops can serve your comfort needs.

Maternity dresses can be made into varying, and unique styles with Ankara. They are also easily accessible at the market. Are you looking for maternity blouses that are stylish and comfortable? Keep reading.

What should I look out for in traditional maternity tops?

During pregnancy, your body undergoes a lot of changes that can hit your self-esteem. From stretch marks to weight gain, to a variety of skin conditions. But, taking charge of these areas can help you feel better and boost your confidence. When it comes to dressing, even a stylish person could have some challenges in figuring out the right things to wear during pregnancy. A rule of thumb is to look for dresses that are light, comfortable and accommodating for your cute baby bump. You can choose traditional clothes with those qualities in mind and make some adjustments based on your individual taste. We've selected some stylish traditional maternity tops for you to consider. You can pair these with jeans, leggings and even corporate trousers for work.

Here are 10 Stylish and traditional maternity tops

  • The Peplum Top

peplum top for pregnant woman

If your pregnancy hasn't been announced yet, the peplum top can be perfect for hiding your baby bump. Due to the cut and design of the peplum, the flare part can easily hide a baby bump (or a food bump!) at the early stage of pregnancy. It can be paired with a skirt or jeans. A neat trick is to sew a two-piece or what we Nigerians call "up and down" with the same or matching material. This way, people would think its a jumpsuit or a gown and you can still wear them separately.

  • Ankara Tunic

a stylish tunic for pregnant women

The Ankara tunic and a comfortable pair of jeans paired with heels will have you looking elegant. If you are going for a more casual look, you can pair it with leggings and sneakers or sandals. Your choice, mama.

  • Cold-shoulder Ankara blouse

cut out shoulders

There is so much you can do with these cold-shoulder blouses. Notice the cut of the hands? During pregnancy, you will definitely put on some weight, but the sleeves can hide your upper arms where some of the major weight is stored. The cut out hands also helps you get enough breeze. Then the flare of the blouse can accommodate your baby bump from early stages to delivery. What are you waiting for? Go and find your tailor now, and if you can sew, this will take you 2-3 hours max.

  • Off-shoulder Ankara blouse

cold-shoulder short sleeve

The flare in this maternity top was made for your growing baby bump. With an eye-catching Ankara material, you are good to go.

  • Long maternity top with gathers

log maternity top

Look at this dress, perfect for date night with Le boo, a night out with your girls, a day at the beach. It's a simple, stylish cloth and there's room for your bump.

  • Stretchy off-shoulder top

stretchy off shoulder traditional maternity tops

The great thing about this dress is the stretch in the shoulders.   Even if you add some weight, it's not going to constrict you. The hands are also quite free and breezy.

  • Ankara flared top with bell sleeves

bell sleeve

Look at these sleeves (*heart eyes*) In case it's cold, this will be great for an outing, church and even for work. Ankara is quite light so it can also be worn in hot seasons.

  • An ankara tunic with long slits

ankara kaftan traditional maternity tops

This long top looks simple at first, until you notice the slitsss. That sss is your style, like oil on fire, hot. Haha. And I bet it doesn't eat up a lot of material. It looks super comfy.

  • Ankara bomber jacket

ankara bomber jacket traditional maternity dresses

Can you feel your swag when you get in this jacket? You might have to get this in a bigger size so it can be perfectly roomy for you and your baby.

  • Simple asymmetrical blouse

assymetrical blouse

This asymmetrical blouse is gorgeous and it ticks all the boxes on what to wear during pregnancy- light, spacious, comfortable and still stylish.

I bet you are calling your tailor right now. When you sew a style, don't forget to tag Africa Parent in your pictures where you are looking like the yummy mummy you are. Pregnancy is a beautiful season, don't forget to enjoy it as much as you can.

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Images: Pinterest, Afrikrea

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Lydia Ume